Here are today’s updates for my favourite soaps.

Days of Our Lives

Jeremy is still planning on running but he wants Stephanie to go with him. He tells her he will leave without her and walks out. Stephanie tells Jett and Max that Jeremy took off and he was gone. Stephanie tells Max he wasn’t as big a jerk as Jeremy is.

Jett tells Chelsea in the casino that she needs to get out of there now, he is worried for her safety. She tells him she isn’t going anywhere and suddenly Jett is shot in the back and he falls to the floor with Chelsea screaming for someone to get help.

Elsa is panicking since Jeremy isn’t there to fly the plane out. They say they need him there that he promised to save them. Stephanie tells them well Jeremy decided to save himself instead.

EJ and Sami are still trying to figure out the secret that caused the Stefano/Brady feud from the letters of Santo’s and Colleen. EJ tells Sami he understand what Santo’s and Colleen was going through, it was almost as though it was them. Flashbacks to Santo’s and Colleen show them kissing and Colleen whispering “May God forgive me” as they get closer to making love. Afterwards when Colleen is about to leave Santo asks her will he ever see her again and she says yes and then leaves.

Back to the present EJ tries to convince Sami that there is more to them than she wants to admit. He tells her he loves every part of her and he is not going to give up til she is his. The nurse gave Sami a shot and EJ tells her to tell him the truth about how she feels. He knows she is a little woozy from the shot when she says she always tells the truth, and then he kisses her. Sami gets mad and throws him out the room.

As The World Turns

Lily is getting the hookers in the bar to talk to her about Cherie and some man she was afraid of. They want to know who Lily is and what does she want from them. She calls Dusty to tell him what she found out and Dusty lets her know in hints that he was there with Holden so she tells him to meet him at the diner in 15 minutes.

Lily and Dusty break into Cherie’s hotel room to look for clues and Lily finds a case in the drawer. It is loaded with memorable things making it appear that Cherie had a baby somewhere and she was running from someone who knew it.

Susan comes in to talk to Gwen and Will about artificial insemination and thinks it’s still too early after the miscarriage. Gwen tells Susan she is ready for this now, but she still wants to talk to the specialist. Alison shows up at Gwen’s. After hearing from Gwen about the process of her to be able to carry another baby. Alison offers to donate her egg for Gwen and Will to be able to have a baby.

At a diner, Craig and Meg are having dinner when the waitress walks up saying his credit card was declined. Craig doesn’t understand what the problem is. He gives the waitress other credit cards to try and none of them will work. Meg asks what’s going on. He tells her that Rosanna is in Detroit and plans to ruin him. Meg gets mad and says in other words he messed up and walks out saying Dinner was on her.

At the hotel Craig is told that his credit card left for the deposit for the room was declined, so Craig offers him a check but a credit check was done on him and they tell him he has to leave. Their things are packed for them already. Craig’s lawyer calls and informs him that Rosanna has had all his assets frozen so as of right then they are broke. Meg says they are moving into the farmhouse surprising Craig.


Fancy lays her head on the table as Pretty whispers to her asking if she wants more lemonade. Alistair comes in with a nurse and orders them to take her away and prepare her for the procedure. Pretty realizes Alistair only used her and threatens to call Luis on him. Alistair tries convincing her that she is wrong, that he really cares about her and she isn’t buying it. She asks him if he is proud of her and he says yes and that he loves her with all his heart. He then tells the nurse if Pretty gives any problems to kill her.

Pretty overhears Alistair once again saying to Fancy that she is his favourite and that now she will be able to come back to him like it use to be. He convinces her again that she was his favourite now.

Sheridan tries explaining to Luis about Marty being alive. He tells her he was there when the train wrecked and he knows he died. Luis asks Sheridan if Marty is alive then where is he and she confesses she actually doesn’t know making Luis think she is back to her old ways again. He asks her who told her Marty was alive and she finally admits she had to pay a very high price to get the information about Marty. He asks her what did she do and she says she had to kill someone.

Luis insists on Sheridan telling her who told her that Marty was alive because he wants to make sure he can trust this person. Sheridan tries avoiding telling him but he refuses to budge til he knows who it is. Finally she tells him it was Spike.

Whitney and Theresa talk and she tells Theresa that she wishes them well but she is leaving Harmony for good. She says this is what she has to do and she promises to write her emails everyday. Theresa says there has to be something she can do to change her mind about leaving but Whitney says no.

The Young and The Restless

Nikki and David find out about Ji Man’s death. They worry about the reporter that David talked to before. David finds him and reminds him that everything they talked about before was strictly off the record and not to be told.  Maggie is asking questions when she notices the reporter and asks him about any information he received about the press conference that Ji Man was scheduled to have but he tells her that its is all confidential and he can’t reveal it.

Maggie says they found out that Ji Man’s windpipe had been crushed. He wasn’t able to breathe which means the cause of death was suffocation. Jill tells Maggie about the interview that was suppose to happen today and that there was a lot of people in the room that was desperate to stop that interview.

Jack gets a call telling him about Ji Man and he is surprised. Jack tells Sharon he thinks they need to go to Jill to pay their condolences, but Sharon wonders if that’s a good idea. He asks if she thinks Jill hates him and she says yes she thinks so right now. He says he still thinks it would be the right thing to do. They go and of course Jill is not too happy to see them. Cane ends up telling them to get out.

Kevin and Jana wait for the results of her tests. Kevin paces as he waits nervously. The doctor gives them good news. He thinks she is 99% cured. He says she should be fine now and the tumor probably won’t return.

Colleen goes to the hospital to see Kevin and Jana and Kevin tells her about his vacation plans. She says she came there to give Kevin some bad news. She tells him about Ji Man and Jana comes in just in time to hear her. Jana tells Colleen that she doesn’t feel pretty for Kevin so she decides to help Jana feel better by helping her apply makeup on her. Jana realizes that she could end up killing someone again someday so she won’t risk being with Kevin and hurting him again.

Jan Barrett 

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