Here are today’s updates for Days of Our Lives, As The World Turns, and The Young and The Restless

Days of Our Lives

Marlena calls Belle to tell her that her sister, Sami is not going to marry EJ after all. Belle is about to go to work and she is unaware that EJ has followed her. When she gets out her car, EJ watches her. He says we will learn this the hard way sweetheart, this vendetta isn’t over til he says it is over. She starts walking back to her car after she notices that she left her keys in her car. EJ was set to go after Belle until his phone rings and it is Sami asking him to come to the pub, and he says he hopes that she changed her mind. She says just met her at the pub. When he hangs up he says this is Belle’s lucky night.

At the pub EJ shows up just as John and Marlena are going out the door. John told Marlena that Belle called and said she locked her keys in her car so he was going to her rescue. Marlena volunteers to go with him. They tell EJ that Sami has something she wants to tell him. When they leave Sami comes up and tells him she just wanted to be the one to tell him herself that she has decided not to marry him. He says she has already made that perfectly clear.

EJ tells Sami to forget about Lucas, and her family, and this vendetta, and tell him she doesn’t feel something when she looks at him. She looks him in the eye and tells him she feels nothing. She says if he really loves her then he will leave her alone, leave her marriage alone and he will leave her family alone. He says he knows she feels something, he can see it in her eyes.

At the hospital the nurses and doctors are banging on the door where Shawn is at. He turned the respirator off that was hooked up to Andre and was just sitting there when they managed to get the door open. He tells the officer to call his son, and for him not to worry because he wasn’t going anywhere. The doctor tells Stefano that Andre is dead and all they know is that the elderly gentleman out in the hallway was in there alone with Andre when it happened. Out in the hall Stefano tells Shawn that he needs to remember that this vendetta could have been over along time ago but now there will be bloodshed for revenge. He tells the officer to arrest Shawn for murder. The officer says his nephew fell from the rooftop and had pretty bad injuries so they don’t know yet what killed him.

When Marlena and John are out by Belle’s car Marlena finds that the passenger side door was unlocked, but not til after John was fighting with the driver’s side lock trying to get it opened. When John turned around to cross the street a speeding car came by hitting John and leaving him there without stopping with Marlena running towards John screaming NO. Belle comes out to her car and as she is walking towards it she sees Marlena in the street next to John and she runs over to them. Marlena tells her that someone just hit John and they didn’t stop, they just kept going. Marlena calls Sami crying and tells her about someone hitting John. She tells her mother she is on her way. Lucas looks at EJ blaming him but EJ says he didn’t do this that he was there all that time. Sami looks at Lucas and asks him what has she done to her family, crying.

As The World Turns

Lily and Holden wait for Bob to come in and discuss the test results they have for Luke to see what’s wrong with his legs. He tells them that right now Luke is paralyzed and he agrees that it could only be temporary. But even with a lot of physical therapy and family support it is still possible that Luke will never walk again. When they go in to talk to Luke she tells him he is temporarily paralyzed and they want him to start therapy right away. He ask if he will ever be able to walk again and she starts telling him it is only temporary but Holden stops her by saying he wants the truth.

Alison runs into Gwen to tell her that her eggs are ready for harvest and she is so excited and thinks they need to go find Will. Gwen says not right now because she is there to talk to Lisa to try and get Sofie’s job back for her and Alison thinks that she needs to let Sofie take care of herself. Sofie walks in and agrees saying that she can take care of herself, but Alison sarcastically says she also has Aaron to look out for her too.

Alison is sitting on the bench and sees Aaron coming. She tries to run away but he stops her. He tells her that he has a lot to say to her but she doesn’t let him talk. She tells him about her going off on Sofie over him helping her all the time. They fight more and then Alison walks away, and they each figure it is over between them.

Sofie talks to Aaron back at the farm and she tells him she doesn’t want him to take care of her. He tells her that sounds like what Alison would say and she says no it’s what she says. He says to quit denying it because he already talked to Alison and she told him what happened. He tells her it doesn’t matter right now because his first priority right now is Luke and he walks outside to call Holden. Sofie comes outside and tells Aaron that she is leaving the farm. She tells him that she has an answer to all this, she has to start taking care of herself, she has to get away from him.

Noah is taking the news about his Dad really hard and has started drinking. He doesn’t understand what is happening, Maddie finds him and tries comforting him. She tries to get him to go see Luke in the hospital but he says he is not going. He feels so guilty about what his Dad done to him that he doesn’t think he can face him. Maddie tells him she is his friend, so either he is going to the hospital to see Luke or he is going with her.

The Young and The Restless

Phyllis’s gets the news of her appeal. It has been denied. She goes hysterical with Michael and she tells him not to take this the wrong way, but she thinks she needs another lawyer. She says she can not take it in there another day, she needs to get out of there today, please.

Nick tells Victor he needs his help. He needs him to call in a favor or to lean on who ever it takes, just please get his wife out of  prison.. Victor tells him he is sorry her appeal was denied.

Jack calls Michael and asks him what kind of lawyer is he to be losing this appeal for Phyllis. Michael sarcastically tells him the judge he usually bribes was out of town. He then goes on to blame Jack for all this because of all the publicity he is getting. And then hangs up on him. Jack goes to see Phyllis and they talk about the appeal and what all is being done for it. She finally tells him about Victor trying to get her to testify against Jack and he would get her out of there. While they are talking the prison chaplain comes in and this makes Jack think back when his father was in prison and how he had called Jack after John’s death.

Nikki has Summer in the office and she is talking to her. She tells her she has the whole world ahead of her. She can’t wait for her to get a little bit older. They can have so much fun. Then she gives Summer some advice. She tells her when she starts looking for a husband she needs to make sure he loves her and respects her. Nick was standing at the door listening and when he comes in he tells her they told him she took Heather out of day care. Nikki says she wants to spend more time with her if he doesn’t mind. He says as long as she doesn’t trash Phyllis to the baby.

Jana tells Phyllis she has access to the computers there since she isn’t actually a convicted person. She ran off copies of the tabloids about Sharon and Nick, but Phyllis isn’t interested and tells her to get rid of it. The guard comes in and tells Jana that she has a visitor. She wants to know who it is and she says, David Chow. Phyllis is surprised and asks wasn’t that Carmen’s boyfriend and she answers yes, that’s why she called him there.

Jana talks to David, he asks her questions about why she killed Carmen. She tells him about the events that happened. David remembers where he was when he heard the news about her dying. Jana begs for forgiveness, it was the tumor that made her do what she done. David tells Jana a few things about Carmen.

Heather confesses to Paul about how her step father use to abuse her by hitting her. She says her real father never cared anything about her. Of course this is hard for Paul to hear under the circumstances. He later runs into Maggie and he apologizes that his head is somewhere else. He tells her about the conversation between him and Heather. Maggie thinks he needs to tell Heather the truth.

Heather gets a phone call from her old roommate’s family and she tells them about the small figurine that she found at Adrian’s apartment and how he still has it. She tells them that he told her that her Macy’s parents gave it to him but they deny it. She goes to Adrian and Colleen’s apartment and she tells Adrian about her talking to Macy’s parents and how they said they never gave him that figurine. He says well he could have sworn they gave it to him. She makes an excuse by saying well they all had a lot on their mind back then.

Michael calls a meeting at Victor’s office to try and win an appeal for Phyllis. Nikki and Jack and Nick and Victor are there. Michael and Nick talk about the work release program. He needs Nikki and Jack to make a list to show where the project they work on for Clear Springs is in big trouble and they need Phyllis’s help. This would make a big difference if they take this to the appeals court. Nick goes to see Phyllis and tells her Summer is with his mother. She tells him no, she wants him to promise her that he will never leave the baby with his mother alone without him being there. She says Nikki hates her and will try to turn her daughter against her. Nick says well it may just be thanks to his mother that will get Phyllis out of prison.

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