Here is the highlights of todays episodes. 

Days of Our Lives

Today starts out with the group, Bo and Hope, Marlena and John, and Doug and Julie all reading the letter once again starting with the knock at the door as Santo and Colleen are together. Colleen can’t resist Santos. Colleen is feeling guilty about her feelings for Santos and she runs away. She gets back to the church and runs into the Nun who was knocking at the door.

Lucas and Sami and EJ plot together in the hospital. EJ gets a call from Tony telling him they had to rush Stefano to the hospital. EJ rushes to Stefano’s side and they have a heart to heart talk.  They talk about Stefano’s father and Colleen and EJ tries to make Stefano end this vendetta against the Brady’s. He asks his Father to tell Andre its over and stop him but Stefano says it is too late, that he can not stop him now.

Lucas and Sami tell Kate everything about the folio that Andre took from Bo and Hope and how they need to get it back in order to stop this vendetta.  While visiting Lucas Kate gets a call from Stefano and she tries getting out of it but Lucas puts the speaker on so they can hear and Stefano asks her to meet Andre and get the folio.

As The World Turns

Vienna runs a customer off because she doesn’t approve of how he pours ketchup all over his burger and fries.

Dusty confronts Cheri and Lily walks up wanting to know what she is talking about. Lily orders her to leave but Cheri tells her fine but advises Lily to look at her emails. Dusty tells Lily about the video of him and Alison.

Carly makes the couch up so Jack can sleep on it. She offers to help Jack take his shirt off. She tells him his bandage needs changing and tries all her charms to get Jack to kiss her. Jack tells Carly not to go upstairs and slip into anything more comfortable then come down to see if he is ok because it won’t work. Carly is in total denial that it is over between her and Jack even though he insists on it.

Maddie agrees to move in with Noah which makes Noah’s Dad happy and they agree to start looking for an apartment for them. Maddie says she has to find Henry to give him the news. Henry is all against it but Maddie tells him she knows what she is doing.

Noah goes to talk to Luke to talk about their kiss. Noah tells him he kissed him because he wanted to but it would never happen again.


Fancy and Pretty were shocked to see Alistair. Alistair tells Fancy he came back for her, he wants her to go away with him but she tells him she isn’t going anywhere with him cause he is a monster. Then he starts in on Pretty and Fancy defends her to Alistair. Fancy calls the cops for backup on Alistair and Pretty helps him escape then the sisters fight and the gun goes off.

Gwen and Rebecca try to find out where Ethan and Theresa went on their honeymoon but couldn’t find out. Meanwhile Theresa and Ethan arrive in their honeymoon suite and Ethan surprises her with a nightgown She comes out wearing the nightgown taking Ethan’s breath away. After making love they talk about the possibility of having a son. And Theresa decides now is the time to tell Ethan the truth about little Ethan. Gwen is standing outside the honeymoon suite just as Theresa is about to tell Ethan the truth, interrupting her.

Sharon is screaming as Vincent holds the knife to her throat and Luis walks in. Luis tries to reason with him but Vincent tells him he has no idea how evil Sheridan is and how she would have done anything to break him and Fancy up, even to go as far as trying to kill Theresa just to get him back. Luis suddenly tells Vincent he is right about Sheridan. She has done some terrible things to him and his loved ones. He then turns around and walks out leaving Sheridan screaming for him not to leave her. Little did she know Luis didn’t really leave, he came up from behind Vincent and got Sheridan away and fought with Vincent. While checking on Sheridan after she was knocked out Vincent escapes.

The Young and The Restless

Sharon is planning something special for Jack but she refuses to tell him what it is. She later confesses to Neil that she may be falling in love with Nick again. Meanwhile Phyllis is warning Jack about Sharon. She is worried if she goes to prison that Sharon will run to Nick while Jack is out of town..

Katherine invites Cane to lunch but he tells her he has a lunch meeting with his Mom. That’s when Katherine informs him that his mother is no longer in her will. At lunch Cane tells Jill that Katherine cut her out the will. Jill confesses to Cane that she has doubts now about Ji Min, that it’s possible that he has been lying to her all this time. Cane tells her how Amber faked their wedding and how she knew he was Jill’s son before anyone else. She was only after Jill’s money.

Jill tells Ji Min that she talked to Jack about him and that he would have had to be a fool not to know what Jack was up to. So she asked him once more was he involved and finally he confesses that yes he did. Jill is so mad that she says good bye to Ji Min saying they are done.

Nikki announced at the meeting that she got the money she needs to start construction again and to everyone’s surprise Victor says he loaned her the money and she pledged a percentage of her marriage assets as collateral.

Noah calls the prison to ask them if they will have nice things for Phyllis there, like a DVD player and TV. They tell him she won’t be allowed to watch much TV and she won’t have a DVD player which upsets Noah.

Janette Barrett

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