Here are today’s updates for my favorite soaps, Days of Our Lives, As the World Turns, and The Young and The Restless.

Days of Our Lives

Max being auctioned is a huge hit. Morgan bids $500 for him which has Stephanie burning with jealousy. Chelsea hands over the mic to Adrienne to start auctioning off the other guys. To try and make Max jealous Stephanie bids on one of the guys herself, with an opening bid of $50. She lets the other bidders out bid her. Courtney ended up bidding $300 for a date and has no confidence in herself at all, so Chelsea commits herself and Stephanie to go help her get ready for the date. Morgan announces to Chelsea that she and Stephanie have made it in as the new sorority sisters.

Kayla goes to see Steve and tells him about Pocket being sick. She lets him know that child protection services took him away from them. They found ammonia in his system and they can’t figure out where it came from. Kayla tells Steve she loves that baby and she just wants to get Pocket home.

Just then Phillip walks in and says his name is Tyler. They want to know what he means. He says Tyler is his son. Phillip explains to Kayla and Steve how he is Tyler’s Dad. Steve wants to know where this surrogate mother is now. He tells him she is dead. Steve says well he doesn’t have any proof that he is Pocket’s dad and until he can show them some he will be the only dad this baby has.

Kayla tells Phillip that the baby is in the hospital and he wants to know what’s wrong with him. She says as far as she knows he is ok but they found some toxins in his system and child protection services took him away from them. Phillip panics and asks them what have they done to the baby and this isn’t the first time Steve has done something crazy. Steve grabs hold of him and the cops have to break them up.

Stefano tells Sami and Lucas that the annulment papers are official. Lucas says they are fake and tells Sami to set them on fire. He tells EJ Sami is taken and for him to find his own girl. Lucas is refusing to sign the annulment papers. He asks Sami to wait 24 hours and talk to her family again before she does this. Stefano tells Sami that she knows what has to be done, regardless what her family says. He tells her that she is going to make a beautiful DiMera.

Lucas is doing his best to talk Sami out of signing those papers, but EJ assures her if she doesn’t then she will be the one walking the floors at night worrying about Will when he breaks his curfew and is out late. She will always have to be looking over her shoulder. Lucas thinks EJ is blushing but Sami has her doubts. Lucas says he is only asking for one more day, but EJ says she would be making a grave mistake if she doesn’t sign. She agrees to wait one more day. After that she says she is going to have to make a decision that they will all just have to live with.

Stefano interrupts Steve and Kayla to tell them he has come to tell them that he has dropped the charges against Steve. He says that the manager of the TV station is not going to press any charges on him either. Kayla asks, Then Steve is free to leave? Stefano says as of this moment yes, the charges are dropped.

As The World Turns

Carly apologizes to Jack for making such a request to him. She explains that she just wanted to feel that again with him before she dies. She turns away from him as she explains it. Jack walks up to her and grabs her and kisses her. Jack leads Carly to the sofa and covers her with the blanket. Carly reaches for him but he pulls away and leaves. Carly asks him to stay but he is gone.

Brad rings the bell at Carly’s and she answers like she is hoping it would be Jack. Carly tells Brad about what happened between she and Jack saying she knows now Jack still loves her.

At the TV station JJ is giving Katie a hard time about his Mom and Dad. He tells her if she cared as much as she says she does then she would back away from his Dad and let him be with the woman he loves, his Mother. Brad walks in and tells JJ he needs to back off because he doesn’t know what he is talking about.

Jack goes back to their room at the Lakeview and is there when Katie returns. She starts telling him about what happened with JJ but he is not listening to her. He tells Katie about Carly asking him to kiss her and admits to her that he did. He says when he found Carly on the floor all he wanted to do was to protect her. He realizes that he can’t fix this. But he finds now that all those old feelings of his for Carly that he thought were gone were coming back

Paul and Meg spend time together making love. When Meg wakes and realizes where she is she panics saying she has to go, she shouldn’t be there but Paul stops her and tells her no and holds her close to him and then kisses her. He tells her he tried so hard to hate her but he knows now he is still in love with her. He mentions Craig and Meg gets upset and pulls away and gets dressed. She tells Paul that his real true love is Rosanna and walks out.

Later Paul walks into the diner shocked to see Rosanna sitting there. He says he just stopped in for a cup of coffee and she questions him about where he has been. Rosanna asks him if he would like to go with her to the station to drop off some things for the kids to Jack and when he reaches down for the bag she finds a leaf on the back of his shirt collar and asks him where that came from. He laughs and says a tree.

Meg runs into Craig at Old Town and he does the same thing to her only he accuses her of being with Paul, but not before he gives her the gift he bought for her. Craig wants to know if she is ok and reaches over for her only to see her squirm when he touched the back of her head forcing her to explain about getting hit in the head. Craig insists on them going to the police station to file a report.

The Young and The Restless

Victoria tells Nick that she is very happy now and the reason is because she and JT are now engaged. Nick says if it makes her this happy then he is happy for her.

Nikki tells Victor that she has talked to her lawyer and papers are being drawn up. They agree to tell Victoria and Nick as soon as possible and get it over with. Nikki’s phone rings and Victor asks if that’s David. She tells him David is not the reason she wants this divorce. Victor tells her they need to tell the kids together about their divorce. He calls Nick and Nick invites him and Nikki to lunch because he and Victoria have some news for them. Nikki agrees to go too so Victor tells him yes, and that they have some news of their own for them.

Victoria tells her news of her engagement first. Victor asks if it is just cause of the baby and she says no, that she loves JT. Then Nick announces that he is going to start back to work as co-CEO for Newman Enterprises. Victor says he is very glad to hear that and Nikki tells him his Father has really missed him at work.

Nick says ok they have heard their news, now it’s Victor and Nikki’s turn. Nikki looks at Victor and tells him to tell them. Victor says their Mother and he have decided to file for a divorce. Victoria says she can’t say that she is not shocked, she says it is sad but she is still not shocked. Nick wants to know why now. Victor says their Mother moving into another man’s hotel room was a little more than he could take. Nikki is furious that he made such a statement and denies it all. They start arguing at the table and then Victor excuses himself and leaves the table.

Brad sees Colleen and tells her from now on he is going to cover all of her college expenses after she tells him how hard it is for her to make ends meet., meaning this is why she is working so much and so hard.. He hands her a check that covers the first half of her tuition to pay her uncle back with and said now he will cover the rest of it and he promises to never cut her off financially again.

Adrian is getting ready to discuss a position opened at the University. Colleen is upset knowing that he can’t work at the University and still be with her, it is against their policy. He tells her it can’t hurt to hear the lady out that’s making the offer. All this has Colleen so upset that she accidentally runs into a customer spilling stuff all over his suit, and he yells at her saying she ruined his $2000 suit and demands to speak to her manager. Heather, who witnessed it all stands up and tells the man she saw everything and that she clearly saw that it was his fault not the waitresses fault, and unless he would like to be escorted out for disturbing the peace she would advise him to just leave quietly. Colleen thanks her.

JT tells Paul he has a few leads on the case he is working on for Clear Springs. He is determined to catch the one that has been stealing from the construction site. Later Paul is talking to David when JT walks up and starts an argument with Paul. David is surprised and after Paul leaves he offers to talk to JT over a beer later. David wants to know if he thinks that maybe Victor sent Paul to Clear Springs to spy on them.

Jan Barrett

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