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Days of Our Lives

Roman has a bomb tied around him with Andre standing behind him with a gun preventing Sami and EJ from removing the bomb. EJ tells Andre that the vendetta is over by orders of Stefano and he asks if he is ready to defy Stefano. Andre doesn’t believe EJ, he wants to know why Stefano would give in to the one thing he has lived for all these years.

Sami says she never said she wouldn’t honor her agreement with Stefano about marrying EJ, but they are not meeting her agreement about her family staying safe.. So she tells Andre to release her father. EJ offers to call Stefano so Andre can talk to him and hear for himself that he has called the vendetta off. When he calls him, Steve won’t let Stefano answer the phone. Andre sets the timer on the bomb when he tells EJ he will give him 5 more minutes. Sami tries stopping it but they warn her that it would make the bomb go off instead. She then dials Bo’s number and she tells him she has her Dad but there is a bomb tied to him and they are running out of time. She wants him to tell her what to do.

Steve is at the hospital holding a gun on Stefano. He tells him that he is going to pay, when Stefano asks him what has happened. He says that they dug up the grave, Stefano asks why would they do that and Steve says he should know but Stefano doesn’t. Steve tells him the coffin was dug up and Roman wasn’t in it but it wasn’t empty, that Benjy was in it dead. Stefano goes crazy, he had no idea.

Stefano is really mad, and he tells Steve to go on and shoot and the vendetta would never end if he kills him. There would be no one to call it off and the Brady’s will suffer forever. Stefano is still upset over the news of Benjy, as he and Steve talk about how good Benjy was. Steve says Benjy hated being Stefano’s son, because he had the fear of disappointing his father.

At the cemetery Hope and Bo discuss how to handle Steve and how they were going to break the news about Benjy to Kayla. Bo is waiting for Steve to arrive but the rookie cop that Abe assigned to guard Stefano shows up instead. Hope goes to the hospital only to find Stefano’s room empty but she arrives just in time to see on the TV that Roman has been fine and when they news show goes to the weather broadcast Steve is there holding Stefano hostage for the world to see.

Kate tries to convince Lucas that she had nothing to do with Stefano’s plan. He doesn’t believe her since she has spent years trying to break him and Sami up. He doesn’t see what good she has ever done for him. He sees it as her coming between him and whatever made him happy. She doesn’t see it that way.

As The World Turns

Gwen goes to Sofie and tells her she is sorry but she let it slip to Cole about her still being pregnant. She just assumed that since Sofie didn’t have the abortion that the two of them made the decision to have the baby together. Sofie says that explains why he didn’t come home last night. She calls Cole and leaves a message telling him about what Gwen said, she can explain, for him to call her. Cole shows up and tells Sofie he thought about her having the baby. He wants to know just how she thinks she will pay for a baby, with the tips she makes at work. Sarcastically he asks question after question and even asks if Aaron knew about her not having the abortion. Did everyone in town know but her?

Sofie asked Gwen to stay out of it. Gwen says ok and leaves. Sofie tells Cole she is sorry but she just couldn’t do it. He is mad and tells her she is a liar. She asks him to go home and get some sleep because she has to get back to work. He throws a fit thinking that was a hint that he can’t keep a job so she has to keep hers to pay the bills. She is worried he will get her fired but he doesn’t care. He storms out after making a huge scene.

Jack wakes Katie and she sees he is getting dressed to go somewhere. She asks him if Carly has a doctor’s appointment that he has to take her to but he says no. He was taking her somewhere. This puts a smile on her face and he then tells her since they got cheated out of their honeymoon how would she like to go buy a house together. She says she would love to. While Katie gets dressed Jack tries calling Carly but when she doesn’t answer he worries. Katie comes out and he tells her he tried calling Carly but no answer at her home phone so Katie tells him to try Carly’s cell. When he does, Carly answers and tells him about her being at the doctor’s. Jack sends Katie to buy the house and then heads to the doctor to be with Carly.

Today is the hearing against Craig. He is worried about what Rosanna will do after he gave her something to think about if he goes to prison. Meanwhile Rosanna looks again at the pictures the private detective left her of Paul with Meg and thinks about what Craig told her. Paul walks in wanting to know if she had a call. She lies to him and tells him no, she was just turning her phone off before going to court. Outside the courtroom Craig asks Rosanna if she thought about what he said. She says yes she did come to some realization. He smiles and says she realized that she can’t trust her fiancé? She looks him in the eye and says, she realized that Paul loves her and only her, then walks away into the courtroom leaving him distraught standing there.

On the witness stand Rosanna’s lawyer asked her what did she remember about the case and she says she is confused. Paul stands and tells her to tell them what she remembered. She says she just doesn’t remember now. At home she tells Paul she feels horrible about what happened but Paul turns to her and says then she shouldn’t have lied on the stand.

The Young and The Restless

At the dinner table Jack and Sharon lie to Noah telling him that everything is fine after he notices tension between them. Sharon says that the travel agent called and wanted to know if they would want to rebook their travel plans for their honeymoon. Jack just says he will think about it.

Colleen invites Brad to dinner at her apartment. She says that Adrian is home cooking for her and she can ask him to set one more spot. At first he doesn’t want to but then gives in. She calls home and asks Adrian and he is against it. He begs her to please reschedule. She convinces him that it is really important to her so he says ok, tell her Dad he can come.

Sharon tells Jack she is going to the library. When she leaves Nick comes over to help Noah with homework and he tries to apologize to Jack about kissing Sharon. Jack is still bitter and refuses to accept the apology. Nick tells Jack that if he has to blame anyone on this mess to blame him not Sharon, he says it was his fault. He tells Jack that if he has learned anything in all of this it’s that his wife happens to love him very much. Jack tells Nick that unless he is there to pick up Noah he is no longer welcome in this house and shuts the door.

Sharon is at the club and orders a drink then makes a call to Neil asking if he can meet her, that she really needs to talk to him. She goes to Newman’s office to meet him instead and she tells him about the kiss with Nick and about Jack finding out. Neil tells her she forgave Jack for all he has done now he is going to have to forgive her. He says he will if he doesn’t want to lose an amazing woman. But he tells her in order for her to be forgiven she must forgive herself first.

At the gym Lily sees Cole and he helps her with the weights. They talk about the concert he went to that she couldn’t go to because of her age. He tells her next time he goes he would like to take her, and she smiles. Lily shows signs of jealousy when Cole helps another girl with her training working out.

Jan Barrett

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