My husband seems to think I have too much time on my hands since I watch soap operas everyday. I have been watching some of these soap operas for over 30 years. You know the old saying, Old habits are hard to break? Well this is a good example of that. So I decided to write about the daily episodes of the 4 that I watch, which is Days of Our Lives, As the World Turns, Passions, and The Young and The Restless. So here is today’s episodes update.

Days Of Our Lives

Bo and hope are in a church where they suspect a bomb in a toy truck. Bo takes it outside as Hope takes the key and opens the tabernacle where Stephano’s secrets are held. As she opens it Andre grabs her from behind and they fight. Hope kicks Andre back as soon as Bo walks back in and she throws him the folio. Andre grabs Hope from behind holding a knife to her neck telling Bo to hand over the folio. Bo kicks the folio to Andre and makes Hope pick it up, then runs off after turning Hope loose. Bo goes after Andre.

Nick finds out he is really married after he sees the wedding online on the laptop. His new “bride” isn’t willing to give up with just an annulment and is threatening a big lawsuit against him.

Kayla and Steve bring the baby to their home. Steve is worried that once the baby’s mother is found or a foster home is found that Kayla won’t be able to handle giving the baby up Stephanie is acting like a spoiled brat when she finds out they are taking a new baby in.

Jeremy goes to Max for help in a desperate panic , and confesses what his business actually is, which is smuggling illegal women into the states. He confesses that Andre is behind all this.

As The World Turns

Gwen and Will look forward to the new baby they are expecting. When Gwen’s Mom, Isis comes back and even though they try to hide the pregnancy from her she can see it all over Gwen’s face.

Katie and. Brad plays strip poker while drinking wine. Brad appears to be losing. Brad passes out on Katie.

JJ’s kidnappers are worried about getting caught. Kit throws them out when she finds out what’s going on. Jack and Carly are cuffed together after getting caught. Just as they think they are going to be able to get free by using a pin from Carly’s hair, Silas walks in.
Silas set the cabin on fire and leaves Carly and Jack there to burn. The house explodes but they get out in time but Jack collapses from inhaling too much smoke after the FBI get there. Jack is taken to the hospital leaving Carly behind to look for JJ.

Aaron tries to comfort Sophie about her problems with her boyfriend, Cole, who seems to be a controlling man.


Edna and Norma have Spike waiting on them hand and foot as a punishment for trying to kill Miguel. Tabitha gives Spike some chores of her own to do as part of his punishment also.

Sheridan talks Pretty into going to Luis and telling him the truth about Fancy. Meanwhile, Fancy and Luis are in the pool together and Fancy thinks back to the accident that scarred Pretty’s face and it startles her. She thinks to herself that Luis must never find out what happened.

Pretty watches as Fancy and Luis nap next to the pool and Fancy dreams of Pretty talking to her only to wake up from the nightmare finding Pretty there waiting to tell Luis the truth. Luis wakes up and meets Pretty for the first time, only to be yet another buy propecia germany dream Fancy is having.

Security tells Sheridan that she has a visitor at her cottage. Sheridan goes there to see who is there only to find her husband Chris there waiting for her claiming they need to talk about James. He wanted to give her a gift James made her in school. Chris tells Sheridan he misses her.

Ethan and Theresa make their plans to elope in bed when Gwen walks in announcing that she has something to say. Theresa panics but all Gwen says is Little Ethan had a nightmare. As Ethan goes to check on him, Theresa asks Gwen what is she up to, and Gwen assures her that she won’t have to say anything and reminds her that no matter what secrets always manage to come out sooner or later and when this one does Ethan will never forgive her. Gwen tell Theresa that Ethan is going to hate her when he finds out he is Little Ethan’s father and as she says that Ethan walks in and asks Gwen what did she just say but of course Gwen covers her words and says it was about Little Ethan.

As Gwen is leaving she over hears Ethan and Theresa saying they need to pack and finds out they are eloping which changes Gwen’s thoughts.

Sam has to arrest his own daughter Jessica for murder after all the evidence was gathered against her. As they were walking out the door with Jessica in cuffs, Kaye decides to use her witchcraft to stop them and places a spell “Ice Station Zebra” which freezes everyone. Then she has to come up with a plan to keep Sam from making this arrest complete. Kaye casts a spell on Spike to get him to confess to the murders and ends up placing the spell on everyone and they all start confessing. Kaye’s spells backfire on her causing her Dad to think she is the one guilty of murder and says he is arresting her.

The Young And The Restless

Daniel goes to work for Jack which really upsets Neil.

Kevin is working on selling the coffeehouse to help pay for Jenna’s hospital bills, even though the family is so much against it. Jenna has one of her spells in the hospital and starts screaming and disrupting the whole hospital. To get the money to pay for the hospital bills, Kevin goes to Gloria and blackmails her into paying them. But they work out a deal to help each other instead.

Gloria is spending money like its going outta style giving expensive gifts to Lauren and Kevin.

Phyllis tells Michael that she can’t come back for the verdict. She doesn’t wanna risk being taken away from her daughter. Michael tries talking her out of it but she tells him not to try and trace the call and she hangs up on him. Michael then goes to Nick to tell him and get his help in getting her back. Jack tries talking Phyllis into coming home telling her what a mess Daniel’s life is and how he needs her.

Michael gathers everyone in one room, Lauren, Nick, and Daniel and then talks to Phyllis once more but she still refuses to come back, leaving Michael in a bad position. The judge gives. They show up in court with no defendant.

Nikki asks Katherine to over ride her grandson’s decision. Then when she refuses Nikki asks Katherine to give her the financing but turns her down and advises her to seek financing on her own. Nikki says no one will give it to her. Then Katherine changes her mind and decides to help with the financing for one week to give Nikki time to try and find it elsewhere.

Janette Barrett

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