Here are the updates of today’s episodes of Days of Our Lives, As The World Turns, Passions, and The Young And The Restless.

Days of Our Lives

Anna and Tony visit Roman in the hospital. Roman finds out it is official now that Anna and Tony are together now. Meanwhile out in the hallways Tony sees Stefano and they talk about the vendetta against the Brady’s

A nurse catches Sammie in the hospital bed with Lucas. Sammie tells Lucas she needs to stand up to the DiMera’s. Sammie and Lucas turn the heat up in the bed and causes Lucas’s blood pressure and heart beat to jump up.

Stephanie and Chelsea chat about Max coming to Stephanie’s rescue on the plane while in the hot tub. While talking Chelsea hears someone at the door and goes to answer only to find Nick there with his so called wife and her two kids calling him their new Daddy. Nick wants to go gamble some to try and get enough money to pay his new “wife” off for a divorce.

Max meets Stephanie at the hot tub and start talking but end up kissing.

As The World Turns

Iris meets with Cole and they reveal that Iris is his mother. She finds out he has a girlfriend, Sophie. Cole asks Iris for a favor. He wants to break into the music business as a song writer. He needs money from Iris but she refuses to give him any.

Alison lays into Aaron after seeing him hugging Sophie showing a jealous rage. He defends himself saying Sophie is a good friend not that he should have to explain it to her. Alison finds her cell phone gone and when she get it from Will she lashes out about Gwen and her history with Will and Will sets her straight and warns her to not talk bad about Gwen if she expects them to be friends.

Craig and Meg talk and she tells him she wants his confession on exactly what he done the night of Rosanna’s accident. He claims he is innocent and it was just an accident.

Paul is with Rosanna trying to get her to wake up. He kisses her on the forehead and as he walks out the door she moves her hand. When he comes back in and the nurse leaves he decides to go again and as he starts for the door, Rosanna says “Don’t go” They talk about how she got where she is in Switzerland in a hospital. She gets scared and says she has to help save Jennifer, leaving Paul puzzled.


Luis finds Pretty floating face down in the pool. Fancy comes out after calling Eve for help and Sheridan accuses her of trying to kill Pretty. As Luis gets a heart beat on Pretty he notices the scar on her face and was shocked.

Spike manages to escape and calla Sheridan and tells her he has to see her right away or else she will really be sorry. He tells her he needs her help to get out of town and he could make it worth her while because he can get the one thing on earth that she wants. This gets her attention. As he is trying to make a deal Luis walks in and catches them there together.

Gwen offers to go pick the kids up after the wedding ceremony and Ethan decides to invite Gwen to be there for the wedding. Rebecca tells Gwen this is the perfect opportunity for her to get her revenge on Theresa but Gwen still has second thoughts, but Rebecca convinces her that she needs to do this.

Theresa and Ethan prepare to be married as Gwen looks on whispering for Theresa to enjoy it while she can because it’s not going to last long.

Endora does her magic to come up with a wedding for Paloma and Noah in a fantasy wedding.

The Young and The Restless

The jury is in. They found Phyllis guilty on the charge of extortion.  They let her out on bail until sentencing against the prosecutors requests to keep her in jail thinking she is a flight risk. The judge orders her to turn over her passport and tells her not to leave the jurisdiction and to check in daily. Failure to do so could easily affect her sentencing. Phyllis agrees and Nick offers to take her home to be with her daughter.

News travels fast. The verdict affects a lot of people in Genoa City.

Devon, Neil, and Lily discuss ways of having Phyllis charged with murder of Dru. They decide to start all over, not waiting for a New Year they decide to celebrate a new beginning with hats and all the party favors that Dru saved.

Phyllis and Sharon have a verbal argument in the halls at the courthouse. Phyllis accuses her of loving every minute of her testimony and Sharon told her exactly what she was thinking.

Nikki and Phyllis run into each other and Nikki gives her a lashing and to Phyllis’s surprise Nick comes to her rescues demanding that his mother treats his wife with some respect. Victor tells Phyllis that he doesn’t blame her for this, that he blames his wife and Brad Carlton. Noah hears of the news and blames Sharon, and then Jack talks to him to make him understand better.

Brad catches the DA in the courthouse and tells her why Phyllis was late for court which could change everything with Phyllis’s bail.

Janette Barrett

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