It is an interesting question, and a question I wanted to answer. The Bail Bonding world is strictly regulated, well at least when you first look at it. In Florida it requires that the person being ‘Bonded Out’ put up a 10% (non refundable) fee. However there is no time limit on collection of the fee, other than should the case be dismissed or sentence imposed, all bond collection must stop.

Should the person flee then the Bondsman is liable for the remaining 90%. In simple terms, he or she is taking a risk. As far as I can tell in the State of Florida there is no requirement from the court to prove collateral.

So this brings us to the George Zimmerman case. Having pissed off the judge once, Lester upped the ante from $150,000 to $1,000.000. To get out of Jail Zimmerman technically needed $100,000 to fulfill the 10% requirement. We know that he has this, or at least ‘had’. The money ‘donated’ to Zimmerman apparently went to his attorney Mark O’Mara, who suddenly, but subtly changed from ‘Pro Bono’ to ‘Hired Gun’.

The whole ‘Pro Bono’ area is one that I much enjoy. I think it is wonderful that a lawyer might give his time ‘freely’ to support someone that otherwise could not afford representation is a sign of largesse. I’ll bet that right about now Mark O’Mara wishes he had never heard the name George Zimmerman. He has the ‘all needed’ free publicity, but it is rocketing downhill.

Jose Baez knows this scenario all too well. Free does not equal rich.

The Bond Business is similar. It is all about risk. This morning I got a tip about who might be willing to face a $million hit. It was just a name, so I went hunting. The third call hit pay dirt. After a rocky start

Press, you guys have been calling all day! If you are calling about Zimmerman I have nothing to say

Indeed he had nothing to say, but he did confirm that it was All Star/Magic Bail Bonds that are holding the paper.

Is it good, or is it bad? Judge Lester seems to think that George Zimmerman was prepped to flee, One wonders what efforts Magic Bail Bonds are putting in to prevent this?

Simon Barrett   

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