The appeal of Barack Obama was that he unquestionably offered something new. Not just his race, his youth, his intelligence and his energy but above all his absolute break with the past. A break with the era of the Clintons who he eventually triumphed over in the Primaries but also a break with the old cynical party machines. He was of course 100% the opposite of the Country Club republicans and the neo Conservatives who were behind Bush and who were guilty parties in the process which has dragged America’s reputation around the world to its lowest ever ebb. And when compared with John McCain, the man, remember who gloried quite recently in the idea of bombing Iran, he was a new ideas politician – whilst some of McCain’s ideas were from another (stone) age.

I have used the past tense in the above paragraph because I see, from afar admittedly, that Mr. Obama is losing his distinctiveness and beginning to ape the political generation that he should have been in the forefront of replacing. And now he has chosen Joe Biden as his running mate I am more worried about Obama than ever. No disrespect to Mr Biden but he really is old hat. When Obama could have gone for youth, gender diversity, charisma he has gone for tired old Joe – the Democrats’ John McCain. Oh dear why have we now got an election with tired old white man on both tickets?

Perhaps it is Mr. McCain who will surprise us by picking a bright, personable, clever African-American woman as his Veep candidate. Maybe one who is a decade or so younger than the grey-haired Mr Biden. Any ideas?

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