Snow in Buenos Aires for first time since 1918

see “Cold snap kills three people in Argentina and Chile”

and “The Unbelievable Day” (Word Document)

Al Gore, call your office!

Yes, I am as aware as anyone about the pitfalls of using short term data points to prove or disprove a long-term trend.

But still, this news seems noteworthy:

The first snow in Buenos Aires in 89 years accompanied a massive cold snap hitting South America, from Peru to Bolivia to Chile, in other words, almost the entire continent except the northeast corner.

Particularly interesting to me, however, are the charts on the last page of the second article linked to above (link again HERE).

These charts point out two particularly important aspects of the “global warming” debate, namely where measurements of temperature are taken and the urban heat island effect.

Buenos Aires has been increasing consistently in temperature as the city has grown in size and population. But, according to the author, “nearby towns with rural stations or near the sea showed little or no warming and some presented even a cooling trend since the 80’s.”

As we progress through Al Gore’s attack on capitalism, it is very important to keep asking the detailed questions: Where are you measuring the temperature? What human-caused factors might cause local warming that would have no relevant impact outside that area? And, as always, you must ask what is the real cost of the economically destructive policy suggestions posed by the alarmists as well as many of the “alternative fuel” proponents. (For another good article about this, I suggest you read “Ethanol Boondoggle: Your Taxes at Work” by Mark W. Hendrickson.)

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