The city of Calgary council is going to vote tonight on a proposal to make all bars and restaurants smoke free in January 2007. While this is legislation that works in health conscious Southern California, some how it seems out of place in the rough tough wild west!

The city has been vacillating for several years on this subject, and have so far only managed to pass what most people think is the most ridiculous smoking bylaw ever thought up.

Currently it is perfectly fine to light up inside the bar, but it is illegal to puff away on an outside patio!

Someone must have had one too many at lunch to come up with that classic. Of course the patio ban is not really much of a problem, the weather (virtual year round winter) means that the average person can only use a patio for about 2 weeks in July!

Needless to say the bar and restaurant owners are not very happy about this smoking ban, it will result in a very big initial hit to revenues.

The Sun has a story about the Smoking Law.

Simon Barrett

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