The Smithfield Plant is in Tar Heel, North Carolina, and is considered the world’s largest hog slaughtering plant. For more than twelve years the Smithfield Plant has been taking advantage of its workers.

According to WRAL, a local news station, Smithfield Foods:

have failed to address problems of sexual harassment
denied workers compensation claims
unjustly fired Smithfield workers and had a timely rehire of all workers who had been unfairly terminated

United Food and Commercial Workers Union had helped organize the protest and has been trying for years to form a union at the plant. Most of the workers are Hispanic workers, and the other side of the argument has stated that:

If Smithfield were to do what the union is calling for, we would be breaking federal law by knowingly employing undocumented workers. The union should stop trying to pressure Smithfield to break the law.

According to the Smithfield Justice coalition:

The catalyst for the protest was a disagreement between the workers and the company about the Smithfield’s implementation of immigration issues. In Smithfield operations where workers are represented by the United Food and Commercial Workers Union (UFCW), contract language provides for a systematic and constructive process for workers and the employer to resolve issues such as immigration and work status. Workers at the Smithfield Tar Heel plant have been struggling for the protection of a union contract for over a decade.

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