One of the penances for living in Asia is that we don’t get American News. Our cable TV includes the BBC. We get DWnews (German) on one network. We get Korea. And we gets all sorts of Philippine news. But the only American news here comes on CNN International.

Now, CNN International is not American but has a bias toward the “international” point of view. Think Democratic party/European/UN. In other words, no good news if Bush did it, a little good news if the US did it.. and except for Anderson Cooper’s evening news which we see in the morning, the news readers tend to have perfect British accents and be a “non descript ethnic” origin. There’s a little more diversity in the weather people, who include African and Hispanic weather people, but the newsreaders are different.
The newsreaders tend to be nondiscript ethnic women, and they smirk…and their smirks drive me crazy. Maybe it’s just CNN policy: Smile, ladies, or you lose your job…but the smiles are there even when reporting terrible things, or inane things, or headlines. Smile…smile…smile…

Yesterday I watched the business news, and the newsreader and the reporter both had smiles…but the smiles didn’t match the rest of their faces…their facial muscles were tense, and their eyes were hard and worried looking.

I mean, they weren’t reporting anything big (I mean, neither good nor bad news or even big news…) so why the smiles?

Do we see Neil Cavuto or Lue Dobbs forced to smile while reporting the Dow was down or up a tenth of a point? Of course not.

And it’s not like the CNN I newsbabes are pleasent to look at. For example, yesterday one female newsreader had a bad hair days, yet wore a blouse with cleavage down to her fifth intercostal space. And just in case you didn’t notice her cleavage, she wore a necklace had a clunky long shells at the end as if it was an arrow pointing at her B cup..

Earth to CNN INTERNATIONAL: Loose the smirks.

and hire the makeup artists from Fox. I mean, if they can make Greta v.S. and Susan E. nice looking, they could probably help your newsbabes.

And for heavens’ sake, hire someone who is intelligent. You have smart know it alls like Cooper for the men, but no newbabe with an IQ over 80 except Amanpour, and she is a reporter not a newsbabe.
OR hire some Pinays. There are many talented newsladies here who are both beautiful and smart, and they can ask hard questions in interviews that would make Larry King blanche, and do it so charmingly that the expert won’t notice.


Nancy Reyes is a retired physician living in the Philippines with her husband, six dogs, three cats, and a large extended family. Her webpage is Finest Kind Clinic and Fishmarket. She confesses she is old enough to remember when E.D. Hill was still Edie Tarbox at WPXI…

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