Our friends at the newly relaunched all things soap site SOAPnet asked us to run a giveaway. We decided that was too easy, a competition to find who knows more than our resident Soap Diva Jan, was a better idea! Well there are obviously some folks that know their soaps!

We thank everyone that took part, and we wish we had prized for everyone, after some serious discussion we have decided on the following winners.

In first place is Niv, she clearly is a devotee of the Soap world. For her trouble we are sending out a Marc Jacobs wallet and a $25 Barney’s gift card.

In second place is Geraldine from Boca Raton, Fl, who will be receiving a $15 gift card from Pinkberry and a “My Life Is So Like TV” SoapNet T-shirt.

And in third place is Eric from Washington DC. He openly admitted that he knows nothing about Soap Operas, but really wanted to win something. The nice grovel, ending “but still I want to win, please please” stuck in our minds as being original!

Congratulations to our winners, and thank you to everyone that took part.

We hope to be running more competitions soon.

Simon and Jan Barrett

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