Skyline For a mere ten million dollars the fine people at Rogue Pictures have put together a slick looking movie in Skyline. However outside of the scary looking aliens, blue LED light effects and space ships, there isn’t much going for this movie.Staring Donald Fasion (and I use the term ‘staring’ loosely as Fasion is merely the most recognizable actor in the film, as the rest of the cast carries with them a lot of cable drama and made-for-tv movies on the resumes. Fasion at least has appeared on network television for six years) as an up and coming action film star who has invited his best friend and his girlfriend to LA from New York for a birthday party at his beachfront penthouse.As the party goes on we learn that Elaine is pregnant with Jarrod’s baby and Terry (Faison) is sleeping with his assistant behind his girlfriend’s back.Sometime during the night the aliens invade and start sucking people into their hypnotizing bright blue light.  Jerrod and Elaine are forced away from the light but retain memories of its effects.The rest of the movie follows more of a horror style than that of a sci-fi epic. Still, the execution thereof is done rather poorly, with all scenes taking place during the day and there are no jump-out-at-you scares like a good horror movie.  Also by my genre change, you can probably tell who dies first.The budget for the film is most obvious in that there is exactly one location for the entire movie, even though a plot point is to go somewhere else but the aliens impede them.It’s a little “Independence Day” a little “Cloverfield” a lot of “War of the Worlds” and really does a lot to make The Spielberg rendition of the latter seem a lot better.Skyline does as much as it can with its limited resources. Still the result is a film only slightly better than that of a sci-fi channel Saturday matinee. If you miss it in the theatre fret not, it will be on DVD as soon as the closing credits stop rolling.

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