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BREAKING NEWS: New Audio from SJCO Jail Tommy Croslin

News Talk 97.3 the SKY Thursday received the recordings of 6 calls Misty Croslin recently made from the St. Johns Jail in St. Augustine, FL and the raw audio from Tommy Croslin Friday.

Tommy sounds tired and very upset at this point as he is speaking to his brother Timmy as he talks about the revocation of his bond and blaming his troubles on his sister Misty:

“I try to sleep, but every time I close my eyes, I see my family,” Croslin said in a phone call to his brother Tim Croslin. “Misty brought some dude over to the house one night and wanted me to get her some rocksies. So I (bleeping) went and got her some rocksies. I talked to someone I knew and got her some pills.”

About Haleigh:

Tim: Do you think any of this (bleeping) would happen to you if this (bleeping) wasn’t going on in our lives about Haleigh?
Hank: No! Hell, no!
Hank: They weren’t after me. They was after Misty and Ronald. I just got caught up in the middle of it because of my (bleeping) sister.

Possible prison time:

“The damn police said I’m facing three years in prison unless you can help us find Haleigh,” Hank said. “I said, ‘I can’t help you find nobody, I don’t know where she is.'”

Warning from brother:

Tim: We need to watch what we’re saying on these phones because Nancy Grace is going to be playing all of our phone calls.
Hank: Oh, well.

We were hoping to have more video and more conversations from Donna Brock, but that is not a possibility at this moment due to some challenges at the St. Johns Sheriff’s Office media center and the need to further redact parts of the telephone conversations.

Also included is a phone call from Ronald Cummings while at the Putnam County Jail.

Ronald Cummings, Misty and Tommy Croslin, along with Hope Sykes and Donna Brock were arrested January 20, 2010 on multiple charges of trafficking in controlled prescribed medications of oxycodone and hydrocodone.

Ronald Cummings is the father of missing Satsuma girl Haleigh Cummings who was taken from her home where Misty Croslin was baby sitter her and her brother February 9, 2009. Although the drug case and the investigation into the child’s disappearance are two separate cases, investigators are questioning some of these suspects about the missing 6-year-old girl.

Below are the links to the raw sound files as WSKY received them from the Putnam County and St. Johns County jails. Investigator have redacted comments in the recordings so as to not compromise any of the cases that could be involved.


Ron’s call from the Putnam Co. Jail

Misty’s call from the St. Johns Co. Jail 1

Misty’s call from the St. Johns Co. Jail 2

Misty’s call from the St. Johns Co. Jail 3

Misty’s call from the St. Johns Co. Jail 4

Misty’s call from the St. Johns Co. Jail 5

Misty’s call from the St. Johns Co. Jail 6


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