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The search for a missing Satsuma, FL has been underway for nearly a year. So far, no sign of the girl, but plenty of tips, interviews and evidence have been processed.

HaLeigh Cummings was last seen at her residence in the Hermit’s Cove area of Putnam County near Satsuma, FL on February 9, 2009 between the hours of 8-10pm. The last person to see HaLeigh was Misty Croslin. Her statements to police have been described as inconsistent and conflicts with some of the evidence.

After that, Putnam County Sheriff’s Office investigators have been holding what they know close to the vest.

For the first time, the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office has allowed cameras to enter the working area known and the HaLeigh Room where the volumes of interviews and other evidence is kept:










Pictured are many many binders of leads, suggestions, sightings, psychics, other agency reports, etc. The room is outfitted with it’s own computer system, DVD player, phone and other equipment.

You will notice a box full of brown folders. These are the transcripts of interviews with Misty. There is also 2 books of DVD/CD that contain video audio taped interviews(over 200 plus of these).

Maps on the wall along with time lines. I was not allowed to get close enough to photograph names on the timelines so as to not compromise the case.

As for those arrested in that drug case that may or may not be related to HaLeigh disappearance:

Croslin is now behind bars in St. John’s County on drug trafficking charges. She was arrested with HaLeigh father and her ex-husband Ronald Cummings who is in the Putnam County jail. The others arrested is Misty’s brother Tommy Croslin, her friend Donna Brock and Ronald’s cousin Hope Sykes.

News Talk 97.3 The Sky is scheduled to have an off-air conversation with Putnam County Sheriff Jeff Hardy Wednesday.

Details coming soon on 97.3 The Sky.

TJ Hart

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