I’ll bet money you have never heard of these sites. You may not know the names, but I am sure you have been on the receiving end of their product. They are the dark underbelly of the internet. They serve those annoying video adds that you have to fight with to actually get to read whatever it is that you want to read.

According to the WSJ Sizmek are worth over a $100 million and trade under the moniker SZMK on the Nasdaq. Datahub is the tool used to deliver all of the unwanted ads.

I am pretty much a live and let live person. The internet could not exist without ad’s, almost every site has them, the most insidious ones are the video ones that autoplay with sound on.

About a week ago I started to get a strange popup

screen shot(1)A couple of days ago the same thing started to happen on my wifes computer.

A ‘Whois’ on Datahub.server-sys.com shows that the domain is owned by Sizmek. As the company seemed legit, I sent an email to both info@sizmek.com and support@sizmek.com asking what the hell was going on.

I received no response so this morning I called the Customer Unhelp line.

1 (866) 438-5552.

This is where it started to get very strange. The call was answered with only a few seconds of wait time, I explained the popup issue, and was given a different phone# to call  1-502-469-5900

I thought it odd that a $100 million company could not ‘patch’ me through to the right department, but such is life. I called the 502 number and guess what? This number has been disconnected or is no longer in service.

This was doing little to keep my good humor gene happy. Strange got even stranger. I called the Customer Unhelp line 1 (866) 438-5552 again. The same person answered the phone, that was odd. Even odder was that from the ambient noise it was obviously a call center.

I’d say that our conversation was ‘testy’. He suggested that I send another email to support@sizmek.com. I suggested that if I don’t hear back by tomorrow I will be calling back and grumpy.

Simon Barrett

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