The families of six men from Pennsylvania who died as a result of asbestos related disease have recently been awarded compensation after being resolved with the help of their asbestos lawsuit lawyers. The men all died from industrial asbestos related mesothelioma, which is a form of cancer linked to exposure to asbestos dust and fibers.

The six men all worked in high risk jobs in terms of exposure to asbestos, and their jobs included an electrician, a carpenter, a pipefitter, a maintenance worker, a weekend home remodeler, and a Navy sailor. This substance can cause a range of health problems including the cancer, mesothelioma, through long term and high level exposure.

In three of the cases a settlement of over one million dollars each was reached prior to the verdict. The other cases went to verdict, and included what is thought to be the nation’s first asbestos verdict against a wiring manufacturer following the death of the electrician.

A lawyer working for the firm that dealt with all of the cases said: “Before mesothelioma took their lives, each of these men asked our law firm to take care of their families. We hope that through this verdict, we’ve gone beyond that, and that we have also been able to shape future safety policies of companies who choose to use hazardous substances in their consumer products. It was an economic analysis for these companies, asbestos was known to cause cancer, but it was cheaper to use.”

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