It has been reported that a site in Buffalo, New York is now clear of asbestos following months of abatement work at the site, and a cost of nearly two million dollars for the clean up. The site is the closed Vibratech manufacturing plant in Buffalo.

Over the past nine months workers that were helping with the clean up have had to dispose of a range of toxic products, including asbestos, and while the building is now said to be clear of these hazardous materials it has been reported that the government still has not decided what will happen with the building.

An official from the US Environmental Protection Agency stated that workers had now done all that they could do with regards to the clean up of the building. He added that precautions had been taken to make sure that civilians did not enter the site.

It was October 2008 when work first started on the site, and almost four miles of piping with asbestos has been removed from the site since works commenced, along with other asbestos products and toxic materials.

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