I have been reading that the Muslims are cursing the knight hood given to Salman Rushdie by Queen Elizabeth. There are ways to look at these honors   and reach a conclusion. It is also a parameter to judge the jury who choose Rushdie for this honor. Let us see some reasons why Rushdie deserved this honor.

From Muslims’ Perspective: The West mischievously chooses to honor Salman because Salman Rushdie happens to be among those Muslim writers who have guts to speak against his own religious scriptures and God. A section in the West was already nursing the wounds of Crusades, and the conversion of North Africa to Islam from Christianity in the early days of Islam. It gives them a sadistic pleasure when the Muslims are at receiving end.

The Western Perspective:  Every Year the literary genius choose the best contributor for this honor and Rushdie is among the choice and a gallant knight of the  fourth estate. His contribution to the English literature deserves to be embalmed in the mind of every literature student.

My own perspective: I agree to both the views .Rushdie deserves this honor from the west, especially at the hands of the Queen of England. I have arguments to speak for my motion. There is always a tug of war between the west and Muslims on many cultural issues. The west wants the Muslims to be tolerant towards comic presentation of Islam and its honored people. The Muslims wants the West not to dishonor any Prophets including the Biblical ones.  

Let us go through the reasons why Sir Salman is really a  knight. He should have honored by Bin Laden and his aides and Talibans to, for uprooting the very ethics and morals of English man .My proofs can be cross checked by any one who feels I biased.

1) Rushdie happens to be the only Writer who has got away with an honor of knight due to his mocking and abusing the stalwarts of England, including her highness the Queen of England and the then Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, as well as the entire Londoners. Lets  see how Sir Salman has honored Her Majesty The Queen Elizabeth of England.

One of his character (seeming to be himself) dreams that “ he has been making love to the Queen” On page 169 he says through one of his character “chamcha” he dreamed of making love to the Queen and addresses it as “the moon of his delight”

On page 1, in half para Sir Salman uses the f—k four times for the then Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

On page 269 he bestows various titles on Maggie like “Maggie the Bitch, Maggie torture(Thatcher)”  On Page 80 He honors the British by the noble English word “ f——king class”

2) Sir Salman Rushdie has also been rewarded for the language that he has used, a beauty in its own way a true master piece in English literature. Let me share a few master words and sentences from  Sir Salman’s “Satanic Verses”

Wild donkeys f——-g page 479 addressing the white men

There are also spicy Indian words from the vocabulary of Mumbai gutters. The most notable among them “chutiya” (one who has been popped out of vagina). Believe me Salman has used these words to the address the British. These noble words are used no less then 60 times in the entire book. May be it is unique for the English literature. I don’t know if they are accommodated in the syllabus of schools  He has used the word F—k 52 times in his book and on page 280, he has used this for the Americans.

An award indeed, to the most deserving one from the most deserving  part of the world. Knight hood is the Highest honor from the British for being honored in  his book ” satanic verses “.

If the West can pay 8oo million dollars advance to Sir Salman to abuse them in any way he wants to, then knighthood is indeed a small honor as compared to it. Isn’t it?

The Author Nisaar Yusuf is a speaker and a trainer in Interfaith dialogues and invites people to look into Islam in an honorable manner. He can be reached at  nisaar_yusuf@yahoo.com

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