The San Diego Chargers’ starting safety Terrance Kiel was arrested Tuesday for drug trafficking. He was charged with two counts of distribution of Codeine-based cough syrup and three counts of possession with the intent to sell. The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration closed in on him at the team’s practice facility. His motives are uncertain, but he readily admitted shipping two packages of the substance to Texas. Why Texas? That answer remains to be known, although he was born and raised in Texas, and he attended Texas A & M university. His arraignment is scheduled for October 3. He was released on $150,000 bond, which is chump change to him considering he’s paid millions of dollars/year. This brings to mind the inherent question of ‘why?’ Why would someone risk his entire career for this? The amount of money he could earn selling such substances can only be a fraction of what he earns in the NFL. Is the excitement, competition, and risk of injury in the NFL too much of a bore for the man?

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