Any doubts that ex-newlywed Jessica Simpson & singer John Mayer were dating were laid to rest last night, after the pair ‘made it official’.

Spectators at the Sony/BMG Grammys after-party have reported that the couple could barely keep their hands off each other – cuddling & posing as the paparazzi snapped photos. 

On the red-carpet of the Grammy’s, Mayer was questioned about his speculated romance with Simpson, his response was in Japanese – but don’t worry if you’re not a Japanese speaker, we have translated his obscure answer into English – “She is very beautiful and you are the last to know.” – Still a puzzling response though. Maybe we need to learn Mayer-ish (the language of John Mayer). 

The pair apparently initially met at a pre-Grammys party back in 2005, whilst Simpson, 26, was still married to her now ex, Nick Lachey. 

In spite of photo-fuelled gossip that John and Jessica are currently dating, the couple are yet to openly describe their relationship. 

Though Jess recently told Elle Magazine: “I want to tell you everything, but I have to sew my lips together.” 

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Sources: ninemsn news

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