I am a fan of the TV show Deadliest Catch. People risking their lives in the Bering Sea to supply crabs to us mere mortals in the lower 48. So when my brother in law Rob invited my wife and I down for a crab fest, I had no idea what I was facing.

The view from the deck is stunning.



But before you could say ‘Crab’ the little toad had me on a boat.


Apparently we had to catch the crabs before we could eat them. It was fun, I learn new stuff everyday, and this day I learned how to tell the sex of a crab. Crabs don’t have boobs or winkys, but if you look on the bottom of the shell you can become a crab sexing expert in seconds.

Back on dry land it was crab boil time. This part is simple. The biggest pot you have in the kitchen is way too small. Robbie produced the biggest pot I have ever seen, it was a stainless steel version of an oil barrel.

Filled with water and crabs, I wondered how he was going to get it on and off the burner? Simple, a hoist or crane is the answer. He gave me a demo of the cranes lifting power


Only in Louisiana!

Simon Barrett



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