Simple things can save lives.

A New Jersey woman, whose son is serving in Iraq, discovered that silly string was used to detect trip wires by American troops in Iraq. The string shoots a stream about 10-12 feet. If it falls to the ground than they know the area or building is clear. If it hangs in the air than they know they have a problem and it is not safe.

Since learning from her son that silly string was used this way she enlisted some friends and members of a few churches to collect donated cans of the string to send to troops in Iraq. She has more than 1,000 cans stacked up in her garage. A private pilot who heard about the drive will fly the cans to Kuwait in January. Since silly string comes in aerosol cans and is considered a hazardous material, the post office will not ship them. Troops also use other items, such as condoms, tampons, and rubber bands in the Middle East. You can read the whole story here.


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