Have you ever been riding on a bus or train and someone starts talking on a cell phone? Its the one-sided conversation that gets me. For example one day recently It started like this, “Hello. Fran? Hey, its me. Did I tell you about Matt this guy I used to date? Well first we met at my friend Bonny’s. He was like yea.. Yea, he was tall! Man was he tall. And good looking uhuh umhuhm!”
It starts out as this innocent conversation. But she gets louder and louder and soon the whole train is listening to her past dating stories, extra-marital affairs and sexual experiences.

All I did was buy a train ticket to perferably get to a destination and I get this verbal diarrea from only one train rider. Its annoying to because it happens a lot. I find it happens more on the trip home then the trip[ to work. In the morning people are too tired to hold a long conversation. They are either sleeping or trying to focus on a story in a newspaper.

On the commute home its a different story. Suddenly, the people who can form conversations come out of the dark.

Don’t get me wrong a cell phone is a great technology but its the people who suddenly get lounder and louder and talk about every intimate detail that need to be governed.

All I am asking is that some government agency put limits on talking on mass transit. Let irt be something like. 2 minuites tops for a vocal conversation. If longer text message.

I am not descriminating against people who talk to each other on mass tranist. There is a difference here. One to one talking these people feel a sense of modesty. On a cell phone one loses that modesty.

At the least people should be aware of waht they say and realize talking about things such as who gave who an std and what it looked like is not proper edict for talking about on a train, among other things. We are tired working people just wanting to get home and not grossed out.

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