I’m anti pollution, and worried about big businesses that exploit poor people, but I’m even more skeptical about the global warming hysteria…and the assumption that giving power to a big quasi governmental organization that has little oversight is the way to go.

Where are the checks and balances in the UN? I mean, a lot of bloggers are ridiculing the lady who aborted her baby to stop global warming, but what if this type gets put in charge of an organization that can pressure government of small poor countries to impose a “one child” rule similar to China’s, under the threat of stopping all foreign aid if they don’t comply?Yet if global warming hysteria could result in an increase in the UN’s power, another worry is that the bureaucrats will spend more time and energy making Potemkin villages of paper agreements rather than really doing something useful.

For example, this article insists we are doomed unless we sign an agreement:

Nov 27 (Reuters) – Unless the international community agrees to cut carbon emissions by half over the next generation, climate change is likely to cause large-scale human and economic setbacks and irreversible ecological catastrophes, a United Nations report says on Tuesday.

Umm…notice you don’t have to actually do anything, you just have to sign a paper saying you agree, and voila, we’ve saved the planet….
If you think I am exaggerating, read this report, which mainly praises the EU for all of their wonderful goals on paper (while basing the US for it’s lack of cooperation for not signing the paper)…and it’s not until the final paragraph you read:

Germany, France and Britain are on track to meet the target, but Italy and Spain have seen clear rises in emissions since 1990.

Isn’t Italy and Spain part of the EU? Oh, never mind…

Echoing the old joke “World to end: women and minorities hit the hardest”, we are constantly being told about how global warming will hurt the poor, polar bears, and other politically correct animals. Even the Dengue and malaria epidemics, which has probably more to do with the ban on DDT and corrupt governments who pocket development money instead of spraying urban areas to keep down the mosquitos, is being blamed on global warming.

So should we wonder when the UN releases a report asking for rich countries to give them more wants money to help poor people hurt by global warming, ignoring that much of it will go to UN bureaucrats(remember the oil for food scandal?) or to crooked government politicians (10 to 70% of health funding gets diverted here in the Philippines…in Africa it’s probably worse).
So although I believe as a result of the solar cycle we are coming out of the “little ice age” and things are indeed warming, and although I agree that pollution from cars and cows and rice paddies need to be addressed, I am just not willing to give that type of power to a one world government run by elites who have no one to keep them from getting too much power over the ordinary person.

Better to allow big business to run things, since at least they have the power of the markets and competition (not to mention their stockholders) to keep them in line when they get too powerful.
Of course, you could just give a check to every one who is poor, but they’d just buy motorcycles, cars, cellphones, handplows, and tv sets with their checks…and end up fat and happy from eating at Jolibee or McDonalds.

Can’t trust ordinary people to make decisions that affect their own lives.


Nancy Reyes is a retired physician living in the rural Philippines. Her website is Finest Kind clinic and Fishmarket.

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