Sad news. “Law and Order”, at least the New York City version, will be canceled.

Yes, there still will be spin offs, but the main NYC program will now be history.

Living outside the USA, much of the programming that we see does not give a good mirror to American reality. If I were black, I’d sue. Except for black cops, most blacks on network shows and recent movies are drug runners, promiscuous, and dysfunctional.

But since I am from an Asian/Hispanic family, all I can comment is that we are invisible. Yes, once in awhile we see a Hispanic drug runner, or an Asian 5 year old who was born a black belt in Karate (attention Disney: karate knowledge is not genetic). or have cliche ridden movies (am I the only one who was offended by Beverley Hills Chihuahua?). But ordinary folks, who work for a living, sacrifice for their families, and who go to church are rarely seen, no matter what race colour or creed you want to talk about. Nah, ordinary folks don’t fit in the narrative are rare.

Law and Order, however, besides the “usual” suspects, often showed ordinary folks, either who are victims of criminals or whose behavioral lapses landed them into the justice system.

They had the nerve to hit on the “hot button” issues while giving both sides. Female circumcision (to stop a daughter from promiscuity)…violent abortion protests…environmental terrorism…neoNazi groups…the change in “date rape” attitudes from “boys will be boys” to a crime of violence…false accusations…even times when the wrong guy was convicted.

Some programs were better than others, but in contrast to the bed swapping housewives or the yelling at each other shows that pass for humor, it was a change of pace.

So Goodbye, and thanks for the show. We’ll miss them.

Of course, we won’t really miss them: they will live in reruns forever.


Nancy Reyes is a retired physician living in the rural Philippines. She writes at Finest Kind Clinic and Fishmarket.

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