In a recent interview, Sienna Miller pretty much announces that the reason why she’s famous is because of her on-again-off-again relationship with Jude Law.

Sienna’s speech:

“It’s this national obsession with what happens next and if your soap opera gets particularly juicy and particularly scandalous then it’s more interesting – and somehow I always end up being scandalous even though I don’t mean to.

I just find it. If it’s there, if there’s something scandalous lurking, I’ll accidentally walk into it. I guess the relationship I’ve been in has been a particularly good soap opera.

Everything just happened in the wrong order. I did my first proper film where I met Jude and we got together, and then the whole celebrity thing happened before I had any films out.

And before now I’ve only had three films out – and they haven’t been very successful – so there’s nothing to overshadow the celebrity side of things. Hopefully with all the films I’ve made this year it’ll take the focus off what I’m wearing or my relationship.”

Personally i think she has a great sense of style too but everyone knows what really got her name on the tabloids – two short words ‘Jude Law’.

 Sources: Egotastic

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