“Shutter Island is crazy good!”

Scorsese has once again teamed up with Leonardo DiCaprio. This is their fourth film in eight years and you almost have to wonder whose coattails are being ridden. Scorsese is unquestionably one of the industries best filmmakers but there is also no denying the box office draw of DiCaprio. So can this dynamic duo continue their hot streak of success? You would have to be crazy to bet against them.

Teddy Daniels (Leonardo DiCaprio) is a Federal Marshall sent to a remote island to help find a female inmate who has escaped from a hospital for the criminally insane. Once there Teddy and his partner (Mark Ruffalo) uncover more questions than answers especially from the head psychiatrist (Ben Kingsley). Nothing is as it seems to be and Daniels begins to second guess everything and everyone. As each mystery unravels so does Teddy’s nerves and possibly his own sanity.

Shutter Island is a top notch thriller that sucks you in, spins you around and spits you out on the other side. It is a psychological masterpiece that Martin Scorsese directs perfectly. Set in the 1950’s Scorsese creates a film that would easily fit in that era from his use of obvious green screens to the Hitchcock-esqu angles and framing. Based on the novel by Dennis Lehane the story line is as twisty and thrilling as they come. Like Teddy Daniels you will be second guessing your own theories long after the credits have rolled.

DiCaprio proves again that he is one of the top dramatic actors in the field today. He delivers a Nicholson type performance that is intense, focused and solid. Watching his character try to piece this puzzle together you are drawn in and dead set on finding the truth along with him. This film looks great too. There is something both eerie and disturbing about the surroundings and they use it as an additional character. You can almost hear the hospital as it breathes in and out. This definitely adds to the chill.

Shutter Island is certainly an adult thriller. Rated R for disturbing violent content, language and some nudity it has visuals and themes that are made for older viewers. Those who are easily disturbed may want to pass but fans of class A psycho thrillers will love every frame of this one. I give it 5 out of 5 screws to the brain bucket. From the story to the directing to the acting I can find nothing wrong with this one. Just be ready to stay up late afterward. So says Matt Mungle

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