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Philly Guy vs The Duck

Back in the good old days of WWII, the military came up with this amphibious vehicle idea, a troop carrier that could travel on land as well as water.  It worked pretty good on land, and almost as good in the water, although it wasn’t real quick on land, and sometimes sank in the water.


If you’ve spent any time in downtown Philadelphia, you may have noticed the reincarnation of these things.  They’re called The Duck, and ferry tourists around various parts of town, and then take them for a little dip in the Delaware River.  Cute idea, you might think.  It’s got this goofy duck character painted on it, it plays lively music, and the kids think it’s cool.  Oh yeh, and it quacks.  Did we mention that?  It quacks, and the quacking is really kind of loud.

Enter one Walt Sherman, founder of Shut the Duck Up!  Walt’s had about all the quacking around his neighborhood he can stand.  Walt has nothing against tourists, he knows it’s good for the city, but he really wishes the touristy businesses would stick to the touristy spots, and stop quacking up and down past his house.  His website chronicles his personal crusade to rid he and his neighbors of this menace.  It’s garnered some publicity, and picked up a following of sorts.  The link to Older Posts at the bottom of his page are worth browsing through.

Then there’s the video.

You have to watch the video.  You have to… really… you do… and if you don’t break a grin, at least just once, you don’t have to come visit us anymore.

Link: Shut the Duck Up!

Cartoon from Sid in the City

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