I started this plan two days ago. Jan had made Shrimp Creole. I think it is fair to say that she does not endorse my cunning plan to explore the wonderful world of Ramen Noodles. She showed no interest in the Tomato Soup adventure, nor the great fried Tilapia and Shoe string potato dish.

It was a shame, I thought both of them were classics.

The great thing about Ramen Noodles is that they are just like Tofu, they take on whatever flavor you introduce, that most likely is the reason for the handy dandy flavoring pack.


I had kept one cup of Shrimp Creole (hidden in the fridge), Shrimp Creole Ramen Noodles seemed an easy task,

I have to admit that I rather liked Jan’s aunt Ina’s idea of adding fried onions, but I did not have time to do that. Maybe I was a little aggressive on the pack of noodles. I spotted spillage in the floor. As Jan walks around barefoot, I was certain she would grumble about the bits of dry noodle on the floor. Cooking time had to be extended while I located a broom and dust pan.

Noodle bits removed from the floor, well it did make a crunching sound when stood on, I moved to the main event.

I was certain that I had a cup of Shrimp Creole, so one cup of water would be enough. I was running scared from the Noodles on the floor situation, so I was super careful not to mess up the measuring cup that I needed. Jan keeps them in a cupboard, I grabbed the first one. It was a 1/3rd of a cup. So I spent a while (three) moving from the sink to the pan. There was a small amount of spillage, but my opinion is that it helped in clean up the floor. Wet noodles do not crunch under the feet.

Shrimp Creole Ramen Noodles is well worth the effort!

Where next? I don’t plan these things, but, hot wings, doughnuts, grilled cheese sandwiches, are on my to do list.

Simon Barrett

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