Shrek The Halls cover

A tiny snippet of a Christmas special, a bare 22 minutes long, such is the average length of a half-hour program now, once the commercials are extracted, but it has everything that the mighty Shrek franchise is noted for, and the original voices of all the characters – Shrek and Fiona, Donkey and Puss in Boots. It also contains the same proportions of the adult-level wit combined with the cheerfully crude comedy that sends the kids into naughty giggles. The formerly solitary, swamp-loving ogre is bullied and dragooned into celebrating a perfect Christmas for his family – (you probably won’t believe what they make candy-canes out of) … and then his friends get into the act. It all but brings down the house. No, really – it about brings down the house.

As a Christmas special tie-in to a movie it makes a nice little lagniappe, and not anywhere near the cringe-making embarrassment that 1978’s Star Wars holiday special tie-in turned out to be for everyone involved.

At least the creators of Shrek knew what they were about, in creating and releasing “Shrek The Halls”. For the forseeable future, they stand foursquare behind it’s cheerful silliness. It is available from and through many other commercial outlets, and with luck, be shown as repeatedly as “A Charlie Brown Christmas” and “A Christmas Story”.

Extras include a couple of sing-along features and some eminently forgettable games.

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