In many ways, marketers are much like the rest of the human population. They often have a decided tendency to wait until it is too late.

I spent many years in the investment business. A large percentage of my clients would watch the market statistics for weeks on end as the numbers slid downward, finally deciding at last to sell off just as the market hit rock bottom. This is certainly the wrong approach, but it is, nonetheless, human nature.

Recently I have noticed that many people are reacting to the real estate tumble in much the same way. Now that the market is (hopefully) nearing the bottom, the ‘For Sale’ signs finally beginning to appear. Again, bad move. Ask any person who has made real money in this world and they will tell you that it is necessary to be somewhat of a futurist if you are to succeed in any business or market. You must anticipate what is about to occur and make those bold moves now. It is common sense that, if one wishes to ride a wave, it is necessary to get in front of it, not to sit behind it and watch it go.

Nowhere is this more true than in the field of marketing. However, in the field of marketing, the changes are coming so fast that it resembles not so much a wave as it does a hurricane. Things are changing, moving and morphing so quickly that it is nearly impossible to keep up with these waves of change, let alone get in front of them.

The big boy traditional marketing venues such as radio, TV, newspaper and direct mail are all feeling the overwhelming effect that the Internet brings to the marketplace. Nearly every day for the past few weeks I have read and watched report after report, telling me how these ‘old school’ bad boys on that block are losing more and more market share. The consumer is not just turning to the Internet for their information now, they are wheeling around in their tracks and abandoning the old formats in droves.

This trend will continue. It is not going to go away. It is a killer wave.

Enter the Internet video. Internet video is not just the next wave of our collective marketing future. It is a tsunami. Those in front of this thing stand to make tremendous amounts of money. Those who are left behind frankly may never recover.

Jessica Kizorek is the author of Show Me – Marketing With Video On The Internet. Jessica has written more than just a book about this newly emerging field. She has written what might come to serve as a textbook for those who wish to get in front of that video wave and ride it.

That in and of itself would be enough. However, Jessica has brought along a few (say close to 75) of her friends to help her present this material. The list of contributors here is a who’s who of cutting edge marketing gurus. The information and opinions offered by these masterminds, combined with Jessica’s step by step know how and her ability to effectively communicate these concepts, make this a book to be treasured by both the artist and the marketer. The book is as illuminating as it is inspiring. This is a book that covers the entire spectrum of video marketing in a way that it has not been covered before. It is likely to soon be considered to be the no nonsense, down to earth bible of developing, creating, producing and distributing marketing videos.

Jessica, the managing director of Two Parrot Productions, has shot video on all seven continents. She has is an award winning videographer who also speaks extensively on the subject. She holds a BA Magna Cum Laude and a Phi Beta Kappa from the University of Colorado, and is a gold medal winner of the Vision Awards for Excellence in Video Production.

Though coming in just a bit under 200 pages, Show Me, Marketing With Video on the Internet, is an astounding piece of work, both in breadth and scope. Jessica assumes we know that video exists and little else. From this point she takes us on a roller coaster ride through her world. Her marketing analysis is right on target and she gives it to us in plain language that we can all understand. The question is not so much whether we should be using video. She assumes this to be a given. She shows us, step by step, exactly how to use video and how to make video an extremely effective marketing tool.

Any person, armed with a simple digital video camera, could follow her instruction and, within a matter of days, be nicely positioned to become an Internet marketing powerhouse. Her book could serve to substitute for years of direct, hands on experience.

The subjects covered in this book run the gamut from knowing the audience, to producing the video to gauging the response of particular campaigns. She covers not only how to make the things but, just as importantly, how to make them produce the results we wish to achieve.

For the more analytical, she also delves deeply into the legal side of creating, producing and implementing campaigns, covering such topics as copyrights, contacts, rights clearances and even insurance.

If any person has a question regarding any facet of producing and utilizing video on the internet, they would be well advised to not only have this book in their stack of reference books, but rather to seriously consider having this book replace a large portion of that stack of reference books.

However in my opinion, what really sets this book head and shoulders above the rest is the fact that Jessica has been there. Literally. As a special bonus, the reader is given the facts on what is involved in traveling the globe to create these videos. She covers bad water, weird wall sockets, handling crowds, ambient noise, creepy bugs, government red tape, environmental issues and everything between.

This book will most likely prove to be the roadmap of those hoping to get in front of the wave that is sure to continue to come for a very long time.

Show Me – Marketing with Video on the Internet
Jessica Kizorek
ISBN 978-1-884230-01-1

Don McCauley is a writer, editor and is the facilitator of the Heaven on Earth LifeStyle Partnership located at

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