I usually listen to podcasts to go to sleep…LINK is a good place to start. It’s better than a sleeping pill.

But one of last week’s podcasts was one of the US Catholic bishops (you know, the ones that dismissed and covered it up when that nice Father played hide the sausage with 13 year old johhny?) was gloating that the “bishops” had warned Bush before he invaded Iraq, and now they were “proven” right.

Well, under just war theory, if the UN had done their job, no problem. But what do you do when the data suggests a problem that millions will die, and you know that your “allies” are being bribed by the Oil for Food money? Do you sit back and obey the “global community” or do you decide, as the only superpower, to try to hold countries to the ceasefire agreements that the whole world had agreed upon ten years ago?

Whoops. Guessed wrong. (unless the weapons were in that convoy that went to Syria, but that’s another story).

Bush is not a likable fellow, but from ten thousand miles away, much of his opposition is because he refused to kow tow to the artifices of international law, including Kyoto. How dare he refuse to decimate the US economy in the name of global warming! Heretic!
Back the, there was talk of Iran being a problem. But it was sort of acknowledged that since Europe (read Chirac) wouldn’t help with Iraq, they would work with Iran.

Doesn’t seem to work, since in the business section I read of German companies and Russian companies trading with Iran. Follow the money indeed.

So now even though everyone knows Iran is working their tails off to get a nuke, and is buying long range missiles to carry them, we have the intelligence community giving a report saying: Whoa. No nukes there. They stopped making them in 1983. (0r maybe they are hiding them, what do we know?)

But anyway, the world will sigh and say: See George, you don’t have to fight (figuring if the report is wrong, it doesn’t matter, since only Jews will die).

But does Iran have nukes?

Either 1) they are lying through their teeth or 2) they stopped making nukes in 1983 for fear George wouldn’t stop at Baghdad but would keep going to Tehran.

So what is to be done?

Nothing, of course.

The world is merely holding on until Hillary gets elected, and then the New World Order will take over anyway.

Ho Hum.

Personally, I haven’t the slightest idea where this is going. It’s not a big thing: the dirty little secret is that they’ll nuke Berlin, not Manila or even NYCity.

But I do worry about my friends in Galilee…(both Israeli and Filippine OFW).

On the other hand, that raid against Syria a couple months ago (the one that no one will talk about) is just a reminder that Israel isn’t going to sit down and let itself be annihilated without a fight.

So, do ya feel lucky, Punk?


Nancy Reyes is a retired physician living in the rural Philippines. Her website is Finest Kind Clinic and Fishmarket

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