The UID authority of India has clarified that that UID would be issued to all “Residents” and not restricted to “Citizens”.

This is a matter which needs an extensive debate.

There is no doubt that cleaning up of data base of beneficiaries of various e-Governance programmes which can be achived by the Unique ID for Residents has its own beneficial use. However, it is necessary for us to debate if the country has to go through the massive excercise of issuing UIDs to a billion persons only to check corruption created by our own system?

The other requirement of UID is to enable that we preserve “India for Indians” by identifying illegal migrants from paksitan, Bangaldesh and now Sri Lanka. Our politicians are interested in giving voter status to all the illegal immigrants for their own personal benefits which the UID system could have checked if it was restricted to only the Citizens of India.

Changing the objective of UID to be a Resident Identity plan and not a Citizen Identity plan is a matter of serious concern to those who wanted the system for the security of the nation.

I request the Government to re think on this aspect.

Alternatively, there has to be one additional parameter added to the UID which should be “Citizen of xxxxx” and indicate if it is by birth or othewise.

Those who are not born in India or those to who have been granted the Citizeship status by application should be marked as Residents but Not Citizens.

This is also necessary to avoid use of Scarce Indian resources for the benefit of non citizens for political gain.

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