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PETA, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, is a household name, known more for showing human skin than actually saving any animals.

In their 2000 controversial “Milk Sucks”,  “Got Beer?” advertising campaign,  PETA parodied the well known original “Got Milk?” slogan by replacing the word “milk” with “beer.” The campaign was supposed to bring attention on the suffering of cows and calves in the dairy industry.

Since then, PETA mostly concentrated on naked protests, except for their infamous 2007 trial regarding the PETA employees caught dumping garbage bags full of euthanized animals they were supposed to help find new homes for.

One of  PETA’s most visible (and hypocritical) spokesperson is a Hollywood star Pamela Anderson, mostly known for having regular ‘tune up’ cosmetic surgery procedures, many of which were tested on animals.

The latest Pamela stunt was selling her “cow leather infested” 2000 Dodge Viper for $65,000, portion of which will be donated to PETA.

According to various news sources “Michael McGraw, spokesman for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, said the group will use the cash to raise awareness about the cruel methods used to skin animals such as snakes and crocodiles, particularly in India.”          Leather interior of 2000 Dodge Viper

I wonder how PETA reconciles the profiting from dead cows skins they were supposedly saving in their 2000 “Got Beer?” campaign by taking cash from selling a Dodge Viper with leather interior.
 And how can they use a hypocrite such as Pamela Anderson as their spokesperson and maintain a straight face?

But mostly, what can vegetarian group PETA really do for the snakes in India? 

        Pet tigress wearing non-leather tiger collar looking at her Dodge Viper

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