OK now I do have mixed feelings about this topic. A U.S. State Representative, Alan Grayson is asking Congress to give him $500,000 to start a missing child program to be in Orlando naming it in the memory of Caylee Marie Anthony. If he can get Congress to agree to give him this grant, the funds would go to the Fort Lauderdale based “A Child Is Missing” organization. They help law enforcement across the country search for missing children , elderly or disabled people.

The organization is known for their use of a rapid response telephone system to alert communities when someone is missing. They can place 1000 calls within 60 seconds and they can process several cases simultaneously and they work without jurisdictional boundaries. The request for this grant would require the money to be spent in the 8th district which includes Orange and Lake Counties in Florida.

Grayson stated Wednesday morning, “I have five children. Every parent’s worst nightmare is to lose a child. We need to do everything we can do to prevent that.”  He said they want to name the center after Caylee because she has become a symbol of lost love to everyone. .

A Child Is Missing, Executive Director Sherry Friedlander said if they do get the grant they could establish several programs in Central Florida which would include awareness programs on bullying and sexual predators. Some of the funds would also be used to train law enforcement. “This program is the only program of its kind in the country,” she said. “We appreciate Grayson’s acknowledgment in wanting to safeguard the children and adults in his area.”

They are claiming that no member of Caylee’s family would receive any of these funds even though the Anthony’s have established their own Caylee Marie Anthony Foundation which they claim is to help families of missing, abused and exploited children.

According to the Anthony’s attorney, Brad Conway, Grayson hasn’t talked to them about this but he claims that the family is happy someone is attempting something positive. Grayson is hearing a lot of criticism from across the country for associating the funds with Caylee’s name.

OK This is where my mixed feelings come in. How are we guaranteed that some of these funds won’t go to the Anthony’s new so-called Foundation? We all know Cindy Anthony has not been able to sit quiet over anything or anyone else using Caylee’s name except for her so why would she allow this unless she is going to profit somehow over it. Given all her past run-ins with people selling dolls and necklaces and jewelry (unless it was her selling them) I just can’t picture her saying she is happy to see someone attempting something positive (which by the way can be taken two ways). Cindy Anthony sees dollar signs on anything that makes money using her deceased granddaughter’s name. I will never believe the organization they are claiming to be starting is on the up and up.

I don’t trust anyone or anything associated with Kidfinder’s, or the Anthony’s. To be honest, it is a joke that these people think they would be of any help to anyone with a missing child anyway. Cindy would be there with her hand held out waiting for donations before getting started and George would be running back to get his fishing poles when he launches his new boat for the search of a live child. I mean isn’t it obvious that they don’t believe in looking for a dead child. They never lifted a finger to help find Caylee. All they did was give people like Tim Miller a hard time for doing exactly what they claim they are going to be doing now for other people’s missing children. In my book that is plain out wrong and they are the biggest hypocrites ever.

I have no problems with Representative Alan Grayson getting this grant but I do think it is wrong to use Caylee’s name. With her name on it I can just see where the Anthony’s would find a way to profit from it even if it were them claiming they were renting their granddaughter’s name out for a price. I put nothing past these people. Besides there are other children that have went missing, some found alive, some found dead and even some that have yet to be found. What about all those children. Aren’t they as important? Don’t get me wrong, little Caylee touched my heart deep, but so have these other innocent children.

Let the Anthony’s do good for Caylee’s name if that is certainly what they are claiming to do. Let Grayson’s proposal do good for all the other children too. I am not suggesting in any manner that Caylee should be forgotten. It is unfortunate that it seems she can not be remembered in any way possible without her family trying to profit from it.

I think Congress needs to really think about this move before granting it. It could be a good thing but then again who wants to risk this as another way to put more money into the Anthony’s bank book to help finance little Caylee’s murderer’s defense team.

Caylee will never be forgotten so I doubt we need an organization named after her in order to remember her. Let them name it in honor of all the other missing children too. Find a name to represent all of them. This is all my opinion of course and I am sure a lot of you disagree with me.

God Bless ALL the missing children.

Jan Barrett

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