You may recall that we’ve discussed the plight of government officials in New Haven, Connecticut who have been trying to hold corrupt unionized policemen in their city to account for their lawbreaking. Of course, what stands in their way if not the policemen’s union?

Well, it looks like the government officials who are trying to arrange some sort of punishment for these criminal cops have been thwarted from being able to cancel the pensions of the criminals.

The Yale Daily News gives us an update on the good luck of two criminal cops who will still — as of now — be allowed to get their city pensions despite their criminal activities.

But two weeks ago, an arbitrator delivered a blow to these efforts when he ruled that the NHPD could not terminate two of the charged officers, Lt. William “Billy” White and Detective Clarence Willoughby, because they had already filed for retirement, which takes effect immediately. The decision means White and Willoughby are entitled to full pensions from the city, an outcome City Hall officials have said undermines its efforts to overhaul the department.

And guess who thinks this is a good idea? You got it, the union.

But some, including members of the NHPD and union affiliates, argue that revoking benefits would unfairly punish family members of officers convicted of corruption and deny officers the money they contributed to the city’s pension fund out of their paychecks.

Imagine that, eh? So, we in the public are expected to sit back and smile as union members participate in criminal activities, but we should allow them to still receive the pensions that our government dollars go, in part, to fund?

There should be NO consequences for violating the public trust?

Yes, that is precisely what these union hacks and thugs are saying.

Oh, but it’s for the children these union thieves are saying. We shouldn’t penalize the children by taking the pension their fathers or mothers paid in to all those years. See, it’s for the children. Now the unions represent the children?

Sorry, but if these scum bag criminal cops were caught in their crimes, their children are not enough of a reason to let them off scott free. These enemies to good government and the public trust should have thought about all that before they decided to become criminals!

And, who can doubt that if a “bad boy clause” — as the removal of a pension for crimes is being called — was never implemented there would be one less reason for government officials to obey the law. After all, if they get caught, they won’t lose their undeserved pensions. In fact, they will be rewarded for their criminal actions by being able to keep their pensions.

This is yet another reason why unions are antithetical to good government and the public weal and another fine example of why unions should be illegal for government workers.

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