On the face of it former president Jimmy Carter would seem the ideal keynote speaker at the conference commencing today in Teheran for Holocaust deniers. Of course, the powerful and evil tentacles of the IJC — the International Jewish Conspricacy — which, as we all know, secretly controls all world events — except those of Holocaust deniers — would probably not allow such a refreshing and healthful expounding of historical Truth. Poor Carter! Poor Holocaust deniers!

To hear President Jimmy tell it, that pesky IJC is behind all the criticism aimed at him in response to his latest book. We all know the Jews control the media, don’t we? So naturally, when a heroic truth-teller like Carter makes a few mistakes in his book — getting the facts wrong, mis-stating his own policies, stealing the work of others without attribution, and even using as the title of the book a phrase drawn straight from the PLO slander campaign against Israel — well, after all, who but the IJC could object? Who but they!

It was Carter who snubbed Israel and embraced the PLO and Yasser Arafat even after the blood of Americans was on Arafat’s hands. It was Carter whose failure  of nerve led to the fiasco in Teheran in 1979 that created the hostage crisis and ultimately led to the creation of the monstrous Iranian state we see today which threatens civilization itself with its anticipated acquisition of nuclear weapons. Thanks, Jimmy.

And now we have this interesting conference in Teheran. At first glance Iran would seem to have little direct connection to the Holocaust which after all was engineered in Europe by Hitler’s Germany. But look a little closer. First, the very name of the country, Iran, means “Home of the Aryans.” This was not unknown to Hitler, who considered the Iranians brother Aryans and extended to them special privileges such as free admission to German universities. Under the old Shahinshah the Iranian air force was trained by German advisors and modeled after the Luftwaffe. Likewise, his secret police took its cues from the Gestapo. In 1941 the British, with US support, staged a coup that overthrew the government of the Shahinshah and set up his son, Crown Prince Muhamed, as the new pro-Western Shah. His dictatorship lasted until 1979. So it’s not so surprising that this collection of Holocaust denying nut-cakes should convene in Teheran.

The real contradiction for Holocaust deniers is this: In every case Holocaust deniers are big fans of Adolf Hitler and deny the Holocaust as a way of defending Hitler’s policies. But take away the Holocaust and what did Hitler accomplish? The destruction of much of Europe and especially Germany and that’s  about it. The one war Hitler did win was his war against the Jews. And this one victory the deniers say  never happened! 


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