Sometimes you know that your foe of the moment has no future. That he is too far down the wrong road so you put him down because you have to end his misery. That and you can rescue the three young girls held in the back of the van. It is just part of the job.daughters

The woman in his living room also has a job in mind. A far more personal job for the man who used to be Special Forces and now is a vigilante killer working out of Los Angeles. A job that is complicated and also very much needs doing in the short story Daughters by Nathan Walpow.

Told in the first person, this is a hard edged fast moving short story featuring a nameless and very interesting main character. Borderline sociopath with a touch of humor our antihero is very much of the opinion that the world is a place that needs cleaning up after on a fairly frequent basis. One can’t reveal much about the short story without giving away too much, beyond what has been said above, but there are a couple of twists in this tale that help create a mighty good read.

Nathan Walpow
August 2015
14 Pages

I picked up this free read to read and review thanks to the author mentioning it on Facebook.
Kevin R. Tipple ©2015
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