Deployment Strategy
30 mins.

Let’s face it cyberpunk is a tough genre for film makers. So many have tried and so many have failed. Its gotten so bad that Blade Runner is being re-released again in another cut to satisfy the cyberpunks of the world.

Well DS is a short film that attempts to do cyberpunk right without trying to mess it up like Hollywood. Like proper cyberpunk its short sharp and pointed. There is no messing about with any bloody romance or “political statement” its just is what it is.

While there is quite a good discussion of the rights of cyborgs as they head toward their target. This never gets in the way of the action. Its good fun and well worth the effort to get a copy. This sort of stripped down no-bullshit type of short film makes me think there is maybe a respite from the every damn film has to be a 2 hour epic attitude from Hollywood.

It kept me watching and I never got bored. That is rare for me these days. Tight storyline and oodles of action; without going over the top.

If you yearn for the days of Max Headroom (the program) and need yer fill of cyberpunk then this might be for you. Philip K Dick would have approved. All I can say is that it impressed me and when it comes to film that is very rare for me.

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