Shooting Back
by Chari Van Wyk

In this short book we find a religious man finding a way of justifying returning fire when his church comes under attack from heavily armed terrorists. Through introspection and examination of the core of his belief system; ie the New Testament. He comes to the conclusion that not only was he right in his actions but he was justified.

To those that that are not as devout as they this man, like myself, the whole journey seems odd and almost bizarre. However when one reads through the book one discovers what profound pondery the author found himself in at the time. This book is more cautionary tale to those Christians who consider themselves pacifist or the ones who stupidly volunteer to become human shields to promote peace. This man has been there on the sharp edge and is not some idealistic ignorant unable to see the world how it really is.

Now that Wyk has discovered he was right in his conviction he is endeavoring to help change the law in South Africa to reflect the inherent right of the individual to self-defence. He aims not only help his fellow believers to defend themselves against thuggery but anyone who finds themselves in such a position.

Not a long read, but quite a powerful one. Libertarians probably don’t need but naive Christians surely need this dose of reality in their lives. Its good this book has been written.

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