If you’ve ever asked yourself “I wonder what (insert male celebrity here) is like in bed?”, then you need to pick up “Celebrities Between the Sheets”, Savannah Jahvall’s shocking, funny, and unbelievably telling tell-all. 

Mrs. Jahvall was a Hollywood party girl between 1999 and 2001 and has written the steamiest, juiciest, and wildest account of her sexual encounters with some of Tinseltown’s hottest stars.  Reading her book is like talking with one of your closest friends, no detail is too taboo.  Each chapter features a new hot star and everything you ever wanted to know about what it would be like to sleep with him.  Mrs. Jahvall isn’t shy and rates each man on his prowess, equipment, and overall ability in the sack on a scale of 1 to 10.  She even goes so far as to describe each celebrity’s member in exacting detail.  Men will be shocked at the candor and frankness displayed in the book and will undoubtedly be more than a little freaked out to learn what women’s locker talk truly is.  Women will be underlining passages and leaving the book open so that their men will pick up tips.

Although Mrs. Jahvall doesn’t actually give out the given names of the men in questions, there is absolutely no doubt as to the identity as she tells you everything but their address.  Even those unfamiliar will be easily able to ascertain the identities of the men, one of which just won an Oscar.  The aforementioned entertainer hosts parties so wild, well orgies to be exact, that I was more than shocked to realize that these things are still happening in a day where a digital photo can be snapped by the tiniest of hidden cell phones and broadcast around the globe and on the news by daybreak.  I had thought that sex like this went out decades ago in the pre-HIV era, but it is obviously alive and well (though protected by condoms) in Hollywood.

What’s most interesting isn’t the great sex.  As it is in American Idol, it is the failures that will really get readers talking at the watercooler.  From the kinky to the just plain sad, Mrs. Jahvall proves that just because someone is gorgeous, talented and successful doesn’t mean they have a clue when it comes to the bedroom.

 A couple of notes to future readers.  The book is written with a lot of current slang in first person; it is not a memoir but a series of personal anecdotes so for those looking for a lengthy tome on Hollywood life, this isn’t it.  It is an afternoon read for speed readers and shouldn’t take anyone more than a weekend.  The material is explicit, and by that I mean pornographic.  Nothing is left to mystery except Mrs. Jahvall herself. 

COMING SOON:  Mrs. Jahvall answers my questions including “Has any celebrity contacted you about your rating?”  Watch for her answers in the coming days.

JennS Gligoric

To order the book go to Savannah’s MySpace:  http://www.myspace.com/savannahjahvall or www.celebritiesbetweenthesheets.com




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