Shock Jock Howard Stern, a man of few morals and the charm wit and repartee of a rattlesnake bite, has struck again. In a satellite broadcast on XM Radio on May 6th Stern aired what he would call a comedy segment.

Taking Dolly’s voice, and some interesting editing it appeared that Dolly was discussing other celebrities  Kenny Rogers, Linda Ronstadt, Burt Reynolds, and the late Johnny Carson.

Now this kind of creative editing is hardly new, and can be highly entertaining and humorous. Of course that is not the way Stern works. In true shock jock fashion he managed to create a segment with Dolly Parton discussing sex and the celebs.

It was not until the segment found its way onto various web sites that Dolly Parton discovered what had happened.

In a blue million years, I would never have such vulgar things come out of my mouth.

Ms Parton went on to add

If there was ever going to be a lawsuit, it’s going to be over this. Just wanted you to know that I am completely devastated by this.

Dolly Parton deserves better treatment that Howard Stern provided. Yes, we are all aware of the ‘Free Speech’ aspect, but idiots like Stern, pill popping ignoramus Rush Limbaugh, and racist Don Imus have no place in radio.

I for one, do hope that Dolly Sues, and takes Howard Stern to the cleaners!

Simon Barrett

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