President Trump apparently does not understand the use of the word Shithole. Of course this should come as no surprise, according to a Newsweek study, based on the Flesch-Kincaid scale Trump has the vocabulary of a 4th grader.

Shitholes are not countries, they are places and they are everywhere. I am sure every country has ‘Shitholes’. For a few years I lived in London, the East End was alive with shitholes. I spent some time in Belgium and I can say with authority Brugge has some very fine shitholes, booze, rats, and hookers! I spent a lifetime in Paris one long weekend, it would take a loaded gun held to my head to lure me back. About the only European country that I have visited and never found a shithole is Germany.

North America is also the home of some great shitholes, Canada is a great place but in the 80’s I got to visit some fine shitholes in Alberta and Saskatchewan.

In the US my favorite shitholes are San Diego, Los Angeles, Detroit and Atlantic City.  All you have to do is venture a couple of blocks off the tourist area and you are in shitholes!

The point is, no country is devoid of shitholes.

Trump should clean up his own house before disparaging other countries.

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