By Honey Gillard

Back in July, ‘Transformers’ actor Shia LeBeouf was involved in a near-fatal car accident, which not only left his hand needing surgery but also took his license out of his hands.

‘At the time of the incident, LaBeouf was hit by another vehicle when the driver ran a red light. The actor flipped his truck and suffered extensive injuries although none were life-threatening. When police arrived at the scene they believed LaBeouf to be intoxicated and filed their case with the DA.’(1) As LeBeouf failed to provide a blood alcohol test at this time, he is under threat of his license being revoked. [Note: Failure to provide a blood alcohol test is reason for the DMV to suspend a driver’s license].

It’s not clear if Shia refused to provide police evidence but under the circumstances at the time he went to the hospital his injuries may have prevented him from cooperating with the police investigation. The DMV has postponed Shia’s hearing to retain his license until attorneys for LaBeouf can obtain the evidence they need for the hearing.

Now 2 months later, the charges have been dropped, following “insufficient evidence”.

Spokesperson for the L.A. District Attorney’s office, Jane Robinson officially declared: “Due to insufficient evidence the case against Shia LeBeouf will not be filed”.

It seems this is not enough for LeBeouf’s lawyer however, with reports stating that LeBeouf’s lawyer – Michael Norris – is challenging the aforementioned, claiming that his client may not have been “legally arrested”.

Norris revealed to that he believed that he could convince the officials that are withholding his client’s license that LaBeouf was in no position to give blood after the crash.

Norris says, “Asking someone to provide a blood or breath test while they’re being prepared for surgery on a gurney is a very unusual situation.”

Norris went on further to explain that his client hadn’t been asked to submit to the blood test until hours after he had been admitted to the hospital. The lawyer is now asking cops to hand over video footage they have of the crash and his client’s arrest, so he can determine if the actor was “legally arrested.”

LeBeouf’s latest film “Eagle Eye” was released in cinemas last week.

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Sources: Hollywood Today


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