David Schussler

Sheryl Crownies need to wake up. Just another example of mis-use of celebrity, Sheryl Crow is stumping the country to drum up attention to global warming. Helping to create alarmist frenzy, Ms. Crow is misinforming the American youth with such statements as “the world having the most Co2 in our atmosphere in 650 thousand years”. This is not even close to being fact. Scientists are still only using theory to determine our present and future conditions and there is less actual science determining what occurred in the past. Remember there were an equal amount of consenting scientists stating that we were in the midst of global cooling less than 40 years ago. Worse yet Ms. Crow and her brigade are claiming that global warming is the “most important issue of our times”, and that we only have a small window of time for humans to correct the problems. She, and many others are either not reading the news or not capable of understanding planetary priorities.

Humans are being killed all over the world today, not by global warming, but by misguided Islamic terrorists. In Afghanistan today children are having bombs strapped on them and being sent to their deaths as they also kill hundreds of other innocents in market places and other public arenas. These are children of the world, our children. In the early eighties the Soviet army determined to conquer Afghanistan used to drop bombs disguised as toys which the children played with and were killed and maimed by the thousands. The world became outraged and helped the Afghans to defeat the Soviets. Where is our outrage now? Other suicide bombings are killing masses all over the world. Islamic terrorist leaders are teaching their followers to kill all Americans and destroy America. They are not even concerned with all of the collateral death and injury to all of the Islamic women and children. Who would be next? If outrage must occur in the world today it should be properly placed. The world must protect its freedom and bring about peace or global warming and the cleansing of our planet would be most welcome. Who would want to live in a world of slavery with no human rights? I don’t think Rosie O’Donnel would be well accepted in an Islamic world.

Celebrities and the public which believes in them must accept the challenge of becoming educated as to the real threats which face humanity and not create distractions which tend to fragment and weaken our national and international resolve. If we can all come together to agree on what is the greatest threat to human peace, freedom, and life, we can focus on it and overcome all opposition. We must not continue to fall prey to the constant urge to look away from the real atrocities of this world with convenient “bait and switch” distractions. Remember, the Holocaust really did occur, Hitler really reigned, Communism does exist as an ideological threat, and we are at war with Fascist Islamic terrorists.  

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