Sheriff Arpaio
Sheriff Joe “The Boss” Arpaio faces allegations of responsibility for another death in his jail. Arpaio for more then a decade the most powerful and popular elected official in Arizona. Faces allegations inmates died while in his custody after being strapped into a restraint chair. The sheriff has claimed in the past inmates died due to drug overdoses not from being strapped down and suffocated as reported by inmates who claimed to have witnessed the deaths. After millions of dollars paid out in wrongful death claims and federal law suites the restraint chairs were removed from the jail in August.

One remarkable incident that cost the county millions involved a homeless man the sherriff arrested who lost his spleen after being nearly beaten to death by other inmates. After the sheriff announced he was the person responsible for the rape and brutal murder of a child. The evidence later demonstrated had police simply taken a few minutes to check the mans alibi or process the crime scene they could have eliminated him as a suspect.

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