By John Donovan

Reuters has just published a syndicated article under the headline:

Shell takes sacked UK workers overseas service tax breaks

It is based on information I supplied to Reuters, including a leaked confidential Shell PowerPoints Presentation made by Royal Dutch Shell HR to relevant Shell employees.

Altogether, some 12,500 Shell employees are currently being made redundant. Shell has warned that the number may be increased.

From this extract from the article, it looks like the unscrupulous tax grab by Shell will be opposed by at least one union:

Ude Adigwe, an organiser with the GMB labour union in Scotland, said the measure was unacceptable. “It would seem that companies are trying to defray or offset the impact on their finances by putting the burden on the ordinary worker,” he said.

The confidential/restricted Shell PowerPoints comprising 18 slides can be viewed in its entirety via this linked article:

Greedy Shell Takes Redundant Employees Tax Breaks

Both articles contain extensive further information.

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